Tuesday, July 12, 2011

EBEW: Yellow and a return to my roots

Yellow | Everybody, Everywear

Tank: Target
Cardigan: Target
Belt: Target
Dress (worn as skirt): Target
Flip flops: Ann Taylor
Earrings: Turkey
Bracelet: gift from our intern, A.

Another Everybody, Everywear post, y'all. It was hard to come up with this look - not because I don't have much yellow, but because I love yellow and I couldn't decide what to wear. Apparently it was Target day, though, so I reached for this dress. (P.S. Hey, Target, if you want to sponsor me, we can talk. If not, I accept gift cards....)

I got in touch with my roots today and visited a sugar processing plant. My maternal grandmother grew up in a town that was basically a sugar plantation / processing plant and my great-grandfather and great-uncle worked there in some capacity. I'm not sure of all the particulars, but it was cool to see this thing that was, for so many years, the driving force behind the Puerto Rican economy. And, yeah, we're in Costa Rica (two totally different countries), but it was really cool.

They also process coffee at this place - it's the oldest cooperative in Costa Rica - so we got a tour of that, too.

And yeah, I took pictures while we were on our tour and pretended that no one else could see me. Behind me are the machines that move the sugar cane and break it down into little pieces. And then they squeeze it so the juice comes out. Eventually that thickens to molasses and then they put it in the centrifuge and you get raw sugar. You guys! Sugar processing! It's so exciting!

Or maybe that's just me....


  1. I like it as a skirt too! I will have to do that!

  2. Hola!! Gracias por visitar :)!! Que chévere que eres de Costa Rica, yo fui hace mucho mucho tiempo, y me acuerdo de un paseo que hicimos en el bosque!
    Oh and it's so cool you visited a sugar processing plant. I really like the summery print of the dress/skirt :)

    Saludos!! Espero puedas pasarte por mi blog nuevamente!!

  3. You're cute. :) Sugar makes me happy just in general. :)

    I LOVE that yellow skirt! Paired with the white tank, you look so comfy and sassy at the same time. Super cute outfit!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  4. Love the skirt! I'm sucha fan of Target! I honestly think all of my money goes there!

  5. Your pictures look great today. Love that skirt. You look very comfortable, yet completely put together too. Great job

  6. Frances eres puertorriquena? Yo tambien! Mis abuelos tambien trabajaron en la industria azucarera!! A veces cuando voy de visita a PR me gusta ir a la central que queda cerca de mi abuela. Tienen tanta historia. Una lastima que quedan tan pocas y estan en ruinas.

    Te vez guapisima en este look! Me encanta la falda!

  7. Sí, soy puertorriqueña. Nací en Bayamón, pero mi abuela (la que mencioné) es de Aguirre. ¿De qué parte eres?

  8. Your skirt is gorgeous! Love the whole outfit and your photos are great!


  9. Soy de Isabela! Y tengo mucha familia en San Sebastian tambien.

  10. Oh, the smells of the sugar and the coffee! You wear yellow well.

  11. Yellow is such a great color for you!

  12. "Or maybe that's just me...."

    haha. Yeah, maybe its just you. Love the belt and the yellow skirt anyway. The top is also very flattering. :)

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