Thursday, September 30, 2010

You've Got this Week - Minimalism - kind of.

Boots and bracelet remixed
Dress: Banana Republic Factory Store
Boots: Nine West
Bracelet: gift from my uncle
Earrings: street vendor in Istanbul

It's day four of You've Got This Week brought to you by Iris at 260 Days, No Repeats. I'm going to call this trend "minimalism". Also, the September issue of Lucky (which is the only fashion magazine I've read since December) mentioned ruffles. And believe, there is a ruffle on this dress. One more thing, I've seen a lot of cowboy-type boots in the stores these days. Does that qualify as a trend?

And I'm still participating in Lorena's challenge. Since this is such a simple look, there aren't too many countries represented. But it's also the first time that South America shows up in my clothing. I wasn't expecting Perú. Also, that bracelet was a gift from my uncle in Puerto Rico, but I suspect that it didn't come from PR. My breakfast was the same as yesterday's. For lunch, I had last night's leftovers, an orange (Florida), and yogurt (US). Dinner was rice (US grown) cooked in chicken broth (from Canada) and sofrito made by my mom, and some picadillo made of ground turkey (no idea), the same veggies I used yesterday, raisins (California), and olives (Spain). Oh, and lemonade (Florida).

I have to confess that my hair wasn't quite this neat for most of the day. I had it up with one of those awful claw clips as I took the train down to work because it was muggy and rainy. My plan was to leave it loose once I got to the office, but that didn't happen. Between the walk to the subway, the walk to work, and then walking to two buildings to get my computer log in issues (partially) taken care of in the muggy nastiness, my hair was just ridiculous and it was too HOT to leave it. So I wore that claw clip most of the day.

Here you can see my earrings, which I really like. This is the third pair of earrings I picked up in Turkey. I like the design on them and the turquoise color going on. I tried to pick up the turquoise there with a turquoise bracelet, and I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with the look.

Oh, and I did a little revamping here on the blog, which I was loathe to do because I really liked the shade of green I had before. Green is important to me. The color, I mean. Anyway, still not totally sure how I feel about it, but it's a start. I might do some more tinkering with the layout at some point. And this is where I wish I knew something - anything - about graphic design.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You've Got this Week - 50s inspired and lace

All remixed except cardigan and skirt
Cardigan: vintage; thrifted
Tee: Turkey
Skirt: Kohl's
Earrings: Turkey
Shoes: Steve Madden

Day three of You've Got This Week sponsored by 260 Days, No Repeats. Today I was inspired by fifties silhouettes which are apparently in for fall. So, yeah, the fifties and lace. I have to say that I felt beautiful and ladylike all day in this outfit.

And now for Lorena's Where did it come from? challenge:

I COULD NOT find any "made in" info on this tee. I purchased it in Turkey, but that, of course, means nothing.... As far as food: my cereal came from Minnesota, soy milk from Illinois. Later, I had a granola bar - not sure where that came from.... For lunch, I had bread from Illinois, goat cheese from France, and sausage and peppers made with (tons of) locally grown tomatoes and peppers. No idea where the chicken sausage came from. Dinner consisted of salsa verde (Mexico), black beans (no idea), corn (again, no info), tortilla chips (Illinois), and croquetas made by my mom. Oh, and I made fresh salsa using garlic from China (what?!), onions grown in the US, limes (no idea), salt from Argentina, and CSA tomatoes and peppers. I've also had a ton of tap water and some raspberry lemonade (Florida).

As far as my make-up, blush and bronzer are made in Italy, and my mascara and lip gloss are made in the US. Oh, and my gym wear: tee made in the US, pants made in Indonesia, sneakers made in Vietnam. I feel like I've traveled the world just thinking about it.... Oh, and our car was made in Sweden; my parents even picked it up at the factory years ago. (Five points to whoever guesses what type of car we have!)

But back to this outfit. I rarely wear this skirt because the only color I've ever paired it with is black. And then I feel too matchy-matchy and I hate that feeling. I know, I could wear it with white or grey, but that's kind of the same thing. Any suggestions? I felt like I could get behind the matchy-matchy when going for a 50s inspired look, though, since that was the norm then. I mixed it up by throwing in a grey patent pump. That is mixing it up, right?

The vintage cardi (probably actually from the 60s) helped me feel like a throwback while the sexy, lacy back of this shirt (seen here) made it all very modern and NOW. Overall, I'm feeling successful.

I don't want to jinx myself, but I just might be on the fall train. And that calls for an awkward hands dance:

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

You've Got this Week - Camel, Military, and Leopard

Shoes, tee, and belt remixed
Jacket: Vintage from the back of my mom's closet
Tee: Gap
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Belt: vintage Etienne Aigner - thrifted
Bracelet: H&M
Earrings: a street vendor in Istanbul
Shoes: Candie's via Kohl's

It's day two of You've Got This Week sponsored by Iris over at 260 Days, No Repeats. I was channeling a bit of the military vibe, though I will say it's quite distilled in this look. I always distill my military looks; it's a by-product of my Army brat upbringing. My hair is totally regulation, though. Anyway, military inspired. I like to think I've got some jewel tone and animal print bonuses going on, too. Oh, and that's a camel skirt. I'm, like, a stinkin' trend train, y'all.

I was reading Lorena's Every Day Wear, and she's tracking where all her clothes and food come from this week. While I kind of forgot to keep track of where all my food came from (though I will say that we did have some delicious locally grown veggies from our CSA for dinner), I did take note of where my clothes were made. I couldn't find any info on my belt or bracelet, but everything else is up there for y'all to see. Do I feel a little guilty? Yes. Is it screaming "sweatshop" to me? Maybe.

To be quite honest, I try not to think too much about where my clothes come from because A) It makes me feel bad and B) I struggle with finding pieces that are ethically made at a price that fits into our budget. Because we honestly have a budget and there are about $70 in it for clothing every month. For both of us. Try to figure out how many ethically made items of clothing that is for two people.... Yeah.

So, it's not that I'm unaware, it's just that I'm trying to find a balance among all the pieces that go into my decisions about where we're spending our money. Right now, our priority is to spend money in our own neighborhood, and at small businesses as often as possible, because our neighborhood needs the money. Anyway, I'm thinking about it....

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Monday, September 27, 2010

You've Got this Week - Animal Prints Double Whammy

All remixed except shoes
Skirt: Target
Tee: Banana Republic
Cardi: New York & Co.
Flats: Nine West (like, four years ago)
Earrings: Target

Confession: I don't love this outfit. I feel like the proportions are a little off. I love all the pieces, but I don't love them all together. I feel like this has been a common occurrence this fall - like I'm not quite on the Fall Train and I can't translate my style into this transitional weather. It happens every fall, though, and then I jump on the train and work it out. It'll happen....

Anyway, I'm participating in the "You've Got This! Fall Trends 2010" week, sponsored by Iris over at 260 Days, No Repeats. We just got back from a trip to VA late last night, so this morning I wasn't trying to search out my most obscure on-trend-for-fall pieces. I turned to my old favorite: animal prints.

Can we discuss how happy I am about leopard being the IT print for fall? My love for leopard is deep and well-documented and I'm thrilled that I'll be able to rock my leopard and be the height of fashion for this season at least.

Now, the outfit I'll probably pull out of the closet and wear again:

On me (boots and accessories remixed):
Dress: Ross
Boots: Nine West (and probably five years old)
Scarf: Turkey - the same shop where I got the scarf you could win here
Earrings: Banana Republic
Bangles: Banana Republic

On my mom:
Blouse, vest, and belt: Ann Taylor
Pants, shoes, earrings, ring, and necklace: Kohl's
Bracelet: Morocco

How stylish is my mamita? So many levels of stylish, that's how stylish. This is where I credit her for any bit of style I have. She is the reason I have this blog. The end.

I love this woman. Second confession of the post: I have that same Ann Taylor blouse. She bought it for me when we went out on Saturday. I'm pretty excited to wear it some time soonish. We have a lot of the same pieces, but we rarely style them the same way; funny how that happens, huh?

This outfit is probably one of my favorites, ever. EVER! It's comfortable, seasonably appropriate, stylish, sassy, and simple. I may just wear this again at some other point, I won't lie. Also - more leopard print.

PS My dad, though hilarious and wonderful, is not quite as naturally stylish as my mamita. ;)

Oh, and y'all should enter the giveway!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


All remixed except sandals
Dress: Target
Leggings: H&M
Earrings: Target
Sandals: borrowed from my mom

Say hello to my salon hair, y'all. I finally got a (much needed) haircut. Every time I get my haircut, I ask them to straighten my hair because I can't do it this well myself.

I'm pretty happy about my haircut, though I'm wondering if it might be a little short when it's in its natural curly state. And I got bangs. BANGS! This is a big change for me.... I will say that I only get my hair cut in VA because I find that lots of people don't really know how to deal with my curls. My hair is super curly, but it's also really fine - strange combo, I know.

Anyway, the outfit. It's not super creative, but it is comfortable and pretty. Also, I may have worn this dress with leggings about three times while we were in Turkey - if it's not broken, don't fix it, right?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Turkey Giveaway!

I was going to do an outfit post today, I really was, but I got home, changed, rushed to church for our Community Bible Study, and then got back home exhausted from a long day at work. I wore two outfits and didn't get pictures of either. I know; I'm lame.

What I WAS able to do is take pictures of the things I picked up in Turkey for this little give away.

So here's what you can get if you win:

1. Crazy zipper pouch purchased from the most adorable child at the Eminönü metro station.

2. Green earrings from the Grand Bazaar - one of the oldest covered markets in the world.

3. Yellow floral square scarf purchased at some random store on Istiklal Street in Istanbul's New District

How do you get these goodies, you ask?

Easy, just follow my blog and leave me a comment with a valid email address telling me you're a follower.

For a bonus entry, become a fan of Mad Dress Game on facebook and let me know in another comment, again, don't forget to leave me a valid email address.

I'll choose a winner at random on 9 October and contact you if you win.

And I'm going to go ahead and say that this is open to my international readers....


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hit or Miss

All remixed
Top: Gap
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Belt: vintage - thrifted
Shoes: Steve Madden via DSW
Earrings: gift from SIL
Bangle: H&M

I am not loving my outfit. I am, however, liking my Posh Spice pose, in which you put one leg in front of the other, put your hands on your hips, and throw your shoulders back to look longer and leaner. That's not the official name of the pose, I'm sure, but it's what I call it because I've got a soft spot for Posh (don't judge), and isn't she always standing like that?

Here's a better look at my earrings. These are among my favorites, I think. My sister-in-law A. did a great job picking these out for me. They're walking the line between delicate and statementy and I like that.

I had a great hair day today. I washed it last night, wrapped it up in a towel with a bit of mousse, went to sleep on it while it was still damp, and woke up with these gorgeous curls. I tell you one thing about curls, you never know what they're going to do. When you wake up with them looking this good, though, you have to wear your hair loose. That's just how it works.

And because I have no other decent pictures of this outfit to show you, it's time for Turkey pics:

Turkish musicians near the Grand Bazaar after sundown during Ramadan - everyone was out on the streets at night.

Me and some really big candlesticks at the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum. Also, Lorena of Lorena's Every Day Wear asked me the other day about what color purse I was using with this outfit. The answer is seen above. I bought that purse for the trip and I hate switching bags, so I've been using it since.

Finally, B. and some really big Turkish rugs at the museum. For the record, he's 6'3".

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Floral meets Big Cats

All remixed except top
Top: Kohl's about two or three years ago
Skirt: Tulle
Shoes: Sam & Libby via DSW
Earrings: Banana Republic

I would like y'all to know that I have had this shirt hanging in my closet for about two or three years and I've never worn it. I mean, I've put it on a few times and then taken it off because it wasn't quite right for the look I was going for.

This morning I knew it was the day to actually wear this out in public, and I thought it'd work well with my indigo Tulle skirt. But the shoes had me worried - which shoes was I going to wear with this while being weather appropriate and not too stodgy. I knew I didn't want to break out my nude pumps just yet, but I wasn't totally sold on these leopard print shoes....

And then I decided that leopard goes with everything. People are always singing the praises of stripes and florals, but I'm going to say that animal prints can work just as well with any florals in your closet.

I look so stinkin' sad in that picture...but you can see my earrings.

And a couple Turkey pics:

The Blue Mosque from the courtyard...

And from the inside....