Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Head scarves and classrooms

Tee: Target
Cami: ?
Skirt: Gap
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Nine West
Scarf: vintage - thrifted
Leg warmers: Target (and, yes, it's cold enough for leg warmers up this way)
Earrings: Target

So I pinned this tutorial and I've been OBSESSED since. True story, I have worn a head scarf four out of the past five days. Once, I even wrapped a belt around my head. It totally worked.

These pictures were taken at our school, which is also the community center. That's why it's so fancy. By "fancy", I mean pretty much the opposite. It's a big room and a covered porch that we've converted into three main classrooms, a computer table, and a "presentation" area.

Y'all, I may never complain about classrooms and school buildings in the States again. I mean, I think back to the good old days teaching in VA, when I had a classroom (after my first year as a floater), a cubby in the Foreign Language lounge, and a mail box in the main office. So many luxuries, y'all. So, so many luxuries....

P.S. I helped make that whiteboard behind me. Cuz I'm fancy like that.


  1. That scarf looks so pretty in your hair! I'd wear one all the time, too, if it looked this good on me!

    Love your belt buckle!

  2. You look UH-mazing. I love the headscarf on you. Everything fits you so perfectly. You just look awesome!

  3. super cute! love the idea of using a scarf in many different ways!.. i need to try that too. Also more power to you (about being in another country working) Me quito el sombrero. xo

  4. You rock ... in so many ways! Diva in the woods... ;-)

  5. Thanks so much, Adriane! It was great to work with you again.

  6. ¡Gracias! I am addicted to this new-to-me scarf technique.

  7. I love the scarf!


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