Monday, October 10, 2011

BBCA 1 - Family

Cardigan: Target? gift from my mom
Tee: Ann Taylor
Pants: New York & Co.
Scarf: gift from my mom
Brooch: vintage
Earrings: Target
Shoes: Steve Madden

Well, hello, y'all. Can I start by saying that sometimes a week off is just the right thing? It's been a rough couple weeks. Let me go ahead and confess that it's been a rough nine or so months since we moved. Things haven't been easy and the blog felt like one more thing on my to do list, which wasn't cool, so, a break.

But! I am participating in BBCA, started by Melissa over at A Working Mom's Closet (breaks are apparently going around these days...). I don't own a lot of pink; I don't really like it, but I did want to participate so I've been digging out my pink.

I love this outfit and I honestly built it around this brooch, with its pops of pink. When B and I were back in the States, his grandmother pulled out her jewelry box and let me and B's sister M take whatever we wanted. I fell in love with this brooch, and I love the sense of connection I have with B's family - now my family, too - when I wear it.

And, yeah, I think I've just come to a point where I feel like they're my family, too. Apparently it takes me visiting them four times to get to that point; that's the problem when the family lives all over the place.


  1. Love this outfit! Especially the cardigan.

  2. In love with this outfit :-D You already know this! The blog is coming I promise! Que guapa mi "hermana" :* muah

  3. Sorry to hear things have been rough, but I hope they get better, and that your head stops aching at the very least.

    Love your black and white cardigan, and I too have trouble wearing a lot of pink!

  4. I really like the brooch! You should send a picture of you wearing it to grandma so she can see it. Also, I really liked this outfit and your hair. What a beautiful wife I have :)

  5. Thanks! We're working on the getting better part.
    And I really have to start wearing this cardigan more often.

  6. Thanks, Charity! I just rediscovered this cardigan; I should wear it more often, I think.

  7. cute outfit

  8. I love pinning my scarfs the same way) Especially tith my grandma's brooches)


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