Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rains and Lady Gaga

Turtleneck: Ann Taylor
Skirt: J Crew
Fishnets: Simply Vera via Kohl's
Booties: Aldo
Belt: Ann Taylor
Earrings: Kohl's
Brooch (on headband): gift from B's grandmother
Headband: gift from my mom

Y'all, this is not what people imagine me wearing when I tell them I live in Costa Rica. I mean, seriously. Cashmere? Turtleneck? Corduroy? Tights? Yes, please. Because it's freezing in the mountains as a general rule. So, I'm dressing for warmth.

The rains here have been the stuff of legend. It's rained pretty much straight for the last ten days, and it's been making the news because it's gotten so bad. Not sure how much coverage it's getting in the States, but it's crazy.

When I wore this to work, my students told me I looked like Lady Gaga, which made me question if they'd ever seen Lady Gaga's outfits because I look like a human and my heels aren't abnormally high. I thought maybe it was because of the big, shiny brooch on my headband (pinning something pretty on a simple elastic headband changes EVERYTHING!).

But no, they clarified that I only looked like Lady Gaga from the knee down. Scratch that, from knee to ankle. You know, Miss, because of those weird tights with the holes in them. Ah, of course. I get it now....


  1. Had no idea fishnets=Lady Gaga...gotta love the kids LOL

    Cute outfit!

  2. Me neither. Now I know. They're so funny, though.

  3. "i can't look like lady gaga because i look like a human"

    hahah, love it.
    Though she has been dressing a little bit more like a human lately.

    Sorry about the rain. One day of rain and I'm contemplating suicide. I can't deal with not seeing the sun all day.

  4. I love your hair and the brooch head band!

  5. hahahahahahahhaa om my this post made me laugh, mira sue decorate sue lady gaga de las rodillas a los pies jajajajajajaja ay sue rise me duo Frances, las costs sue dicen los muchachos, en fin a mi me encanta tu outfit, el color de tu falda es algo que he anhelo usar en otonio, espero que lo de las lluvias mejore.

  6. hijoles!!! que fue lo que paso, aquí esta cosa me "corrigió" todo y me lo dejo peor, no se le entiende nada a mi primer comentario =S

  7. Your right! I had no idea the mountains got so chilly. You look fantastic in this turtleneck and I love how you've been embellishing your hair lately. (this and last post!)

  8. You look gorgeous!! The mountains do definitely get cold, regardless of your location. Your students are too cute. I love your fishnets!

  9. Love the headband - great fall look!

    Thanks for all the RTs on Twitter :)

  10. No Lady Gaga ----
    AND YES it has been raining cats and dogs here too !
    Which is normal....

  11. I just wanted to let you know I'm doing Color Rotation Challenge again. You participated last March. It starts Monday October 31. Sign up if you are interested:


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