Friday, September 9, 2011

Friend Friday: So(ng) inspired

Tee: Gap
Shirt: Ralph Lauren (thrifted)
Skirt: thrifted and hemmed
Shoes: Steve Madden (gift from my mom)
Earrings: Turkey
Sunnies: Target

For this week's Friend Friday, we're wearing song inspired clothes. So it kind of looks like I was inspired by the Saved by the Bell theme song, but let me assure you that it wasn't. I mean, maybe I'm channeling Lisa Turtle, but that was not my intention.

Mostly, I woke up with two songs running through my head. The first was Cultura Profética's "Amante luz" and the second was Draco's "Obra de arte". I'm actually kind of impressed that the songs go together (yeah, amazing Puerto Rican artists!) because usually my iTunes mixes sound a little...ADD. But this morning I kept singing two lines to myself, one from each song: "Borinquen, amante luz, rayo de sol" (Puerto Rico, lover of light, ray of sun), and "De los cuarenta colores que yo sé pintar, eres ese color que no lo puedo ni soñar" (Of the forty colors I can paint, you're that color that I can't even imagine).

So I knew two things: I wanted to wear yellow and I wanted to wear something like forty colors. I wanted to look like I was wearing Puerto Rico. Or something. My recently hemmed thrift store skirt fit the bill. Pairing it with yellow stripes seemed natural. But then I was cold, so I reached for this shirt, tied it up, and called it a day.

I think my sunshiny, tropical inspiration served me well because it's nearly two and the clouds seem to be holding off. Amante luz, rayo de sol, indeed.

In other news, I've finally succumbed to wearing oxfords and I'm kind of in love.

AND I tied knots in my hair. Fanciness all around y'all.


  1. Love the colours of the outfit - they all complement each other really well. Those shoes are v cute :)

  2. Love the hair! lmao Save by the Bell - so awesome :)

  3. I love the hair...and the second line of inspiration is beautiful poetry.

  4. I love this outfit - from the stripes & floral pattern mixture, to the denim/chambray to the oxfords! Very cute!

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  5. Wow! Love the pops of color in this outfit! What a great look!

    Lauren from

  6. Love this colorful outfit! The colors do remind me of our beautiful island. You look lovely.
    Those songs/artists are amazing. I am also a fan!

  7. I love your oxfords and gorgeous colorful skirt.
    Thanks for participating this week visual FBFF.


  8. I love this outfit! Great interpretation of the song, you look awesome!


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