Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Top: J Crew
Skirt: Self made
Shoes: Tom's (gift from my mom)
Earrings: Turkey

Y'all, I might be obsessed with this skirt. I'd wear it every day if I thought B wouldn't sit me down to have a serious conversation about how I need to separate myself from this skirt long enough to wash it.

I got the idea for this outfit from this image I pinned over at my favorite website ever. My take is considerably more casual since there was a possibility I'd be walking home from work (again).

And, yes, I did walk home in these shoes. Most. Comfortable. Heels. Ever. It's been proven by this girl who walked up the mountain in them; that's pretty much scientific. The look on my face in the above photo isn't about the shoes, though. That's me singing about how this skirt fits me so well and is so cute.


  1. Agreed that the skirt is cute, and I love it with the top, but I'm rather glad you forewent the gold baby-chain necklace. (Snerk.) I'm still on the lookout for a good pencil skirt that fits my weird body, so when I find it I will probably be just as excited as you are.

  2. Hehehe. Yeah, not a fan of that either.... The real reason this skirt fits so well is that I drafted the pattern for it and made it fit me. This has changed my life - I had no idea that clothes could fit me. It's not my body, it's the clothes.

  3. I so wish I knew how to sew! This skirt is fantastic! The color and fit is absolutely gorgeous. I would make a skirt like this in every color! Actually, was it an easy skirt to make for a VERY novice sewer like me? I have been searching high and low for a mustard colored skirt with no luck. Also, what type of fabric did you use? Thanks, Heather

  4. This is the second skirt I've ever sewn, so it's relatively easy. I got a lot of help on it, so it might not be the easiest ever, but my sewing instructor walked me through the step-by-step (and attaching the zipper). If you made it without the pockets, it'd be really simple, though.
    I went into a fabric shop and said that I wanted to make a skirt and they geared me towards this fabric. It's polyester, and super 70s style polyester. So it's not too stretchy for a novice, and it doesn't wrinkle.



  6. I understand the obsession. it looks fantastic on you, the color is classic yet interesting and different. Love the bretton tee and the turquoise earrings.

  7. Hi! You are talented. I am teaching myself to sew, but am far from making anything from scratch, let a long a fitted, pencil skirt (w. pockets)! You look fabulous and I have the same image pinned from Atlantis Home. Excellent job recreating the look. Stumbled here from a Working Mom's Closet and BBCAwearness--and I'll be back.


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