Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Green and leopard

Turtleneck: Express
Cardigan: Apt. 9 via Kohl's
Skirt: Self made
Tights: Simply Vera via Kohl's
Booties: Aldo
Earrings: gift from my sister-in-law
Belt: came with a blazer

Well, I'm back in the mountains after four blissful days on the Pacific coast. And I'm back to work, though our post-exam schedule will be considerably easier for me. Of course, I'm trying to figure out what to do with all this spare time I have now. Any hobbies I should take up? You know, besides my pinterest obsession.

I built this outfit around the cold weather and the fact that I have laryngitis. And yes, I have taught with (mild) laryngitis. All it takes is an interactive lesson plan and some decent classroom management. And telling your students you're sick. They're always nicer when you tell them.

This really fit the bill for keeping me warm and had the added bonus of being comfortable and comprised of my favorite color (green) and my favorite print (leopard). Add my favorite booties and some funky fishnets, and I'm all set.


  1. I really like these two together. You should try a colorful or lighter top under your sweater and see how it turns out next time. I bet it would be gorgeous.

  2. Frances you look gorgeous in this combo. Leopard print look lovely against you skin.

  3. I do really like this outfit, how it fits you, and the great color pattern mix. (I did notice it as you were teaching nice and quietly, yet very successfully). And yes...I'm addicted to Pinterest too. It's a totally valuable and worthwhile habit :)

  4. Well you don't look sick at all!
    Love the leopard cardi, glad you had a nice break, and i hope you feel better soon!

  5. Really cute outfit! Loving the green and leopard combo.

  6. The green and leopard together are a great combo. I'm sorry to hear that you're under the weather but for someone who is sick you look like a million bucks!

  7. I LOVE this color combination! What a fantastic outfit!
    You look great

  8. Hi Frances! I'm just looking over your old fashion blogs & wanted to say I love this outfit & am very impressed that you made the skirt yourself!


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