Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful, thankful, thankful

I really meant to do an outfit post this week. In fact, I meant to do several, but between work and NaNoWriMo, things have been crazy, mostly in a good way.
But since this is my first non-Thanksgiving-y Thanksgiving (I'm at work right now, if that gives you any indication of how non-Thanksgiving-y I am feeling), I thought I'd say a little something about how thankful I am for a million things. Well, at least five. I won't make y'all read a million things.

First off, I'm grateful for my husband who is amazing and wonderful and hot. I am seriously in love with that man. So, yay for three years together, yay that our second anniversary is coming up, and yay that we're stuck together forevaaaaaaa!

I am thankful for the cuteness of my kittens and my sweet Kiku. Their cuddles and purrs make me unbelievably happy.

I am thankful for the times I've been able to share with family this year, particularly the time my parents took us all on a cruise. Sun, food, family, the Caribbean.... It just doesn't get any better. Also, I'm thankful I'll be seeing them again in less than three weeks!

I am thankful for old friends, particularly those that are in Costa Rica, and who are inviting us to share Thanksgiving with them. Also, the friends whose emails, calls, skype sessions, and facebook messages have gotten me through. Love, love, love y'all.

Finally, I am thankful that I am feeling so much better and that I have amazing readers who have been beyond supportive through what's been a really trying time for me. Included in that, I'm thankful for the wonder of modern medicine and for my faith, which have allowed me to see - almost for the first time - the incredible beauty of the place where I now live.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States and all my fellow expats!


  1. Great list! Lovely pictures! The swimming place looks like so much fun! Blessings!



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