Friday, September 17, 2010

Playing with Proportions

All remixed except tee and vest
Tee: Target
Vest: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: gift from parents
Earrings: gift
Necklace: gift from my mom

This is me stepping out of my comfort zone in a way. I'm playing a little with my proportions, not tucking in my shirt, and wearing a vest that I have never worn before. I haven't worn vests since about 1995 when I wore them all. The. Time. I guess I'm a bit traumatized from looking at the pictures of myself with the bangs and the glasses, and the fluffy hair that I didn't quite know how to manage yet.

But I've been seeing vests like this one on the blogs and on the streets and I was inspired to pull this one out of the very back of my closet. My mom got me this vest, um, a year ago, and it's just been hanging in my closet since then. I think that the reason I haven't worn this is that the neckline and the sleeves are a little awkward. I'm still not totally sure that I love it, but I was diggin' the outfit as a whole today. Maybe I was just so stinkin' comfortable, but I felt good.

Also, can I just say that I'm really glad it's Friday? I plan to spend the weekend cleaning and catching up on the blogs - I've got a lot of reading to do...

And for today's trip pictures:

A mosaic inside Hagia Sophia.

Columns in the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul.


  1. Girl it is so good to have you back in the blog world. I think that these proportions look just fine on you. Love the shoes, red is such a fun color for footwear.

  2. I like this look on you! It's laid back but, still chic :) Good to have you back!

  3. i love the vest with the whole outfit! it's adorable!
    ~ jessica

  4. You look so pretty and sassy in this ooutfit, perfect for an office day, I hope all is going weel. =D

  5. Love this outfit! Love it a LOT! I like the black, white and gray with the pop of red in the shoes. The vest looks great, it's the perfect extra layer. You look awesome!

  6. Beautiful outfits and looks! Love it. :-)

  7. Oh my gosh, everything you put on you look gorgeous in!! And red, that is certainly your color! I hope you have a closet full of it :-)

  8. I love vests but have been kind of scared of sweater material, flowy style ones. This might be the push I need to try one out in a lighter color. Your face is just beaming in the close up photo by the way!


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