Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You've Got this Week - 50s inspired and lace

All remixed except cardigan and skirt
Cardigan: vintage; thrifted
Tee: Turkey
Skirt: Kohl's
Earrings: Turkey
Shoes: Steve Madden

Day three of You've Got This Week sponsored by 260 Days, No Repeats. Today I was inspired by fifties silhouettes which are apparently in for fall. So, yeah, the fifties and lace. I have to say that I felt beautiful and ladylike all day in this outfit.

And now for Lorena's Where did it come from? challenge:

I COULD NOT find any "made in" info on this tee. I purchased it in Turkey, but that, of course, means nothing.... As far as food: my cereal came from Minnesota, soy milk from Illinois. Later, I had a granola bar - not sure where that came from.... For lunch, I had bread from Illinois, goat cheese from France, and sausage and peppers made with (tons of) locally grown tomatoes and peppers. No idea where the chicken sausage came from. Dinner consisted of salsa verde (Mexico), black beans (no idea), corn (again, no info), tortilla chips (Illinois), and croquetas made by my mom. Oh, and I made fresh salsa using garlic from China (what?!), onions grown in the US, limes (no idea), salt from Argentina, and CSA tomatoes and peppers. I've also had a ton of tap water and some raspberry lemonade (Florida).

As far as my make-up, blush and bronzer are made in Italy, and my mascara and lip gloss are made in the US. Oh, and my gym wear: tee made in the US, pants made in Indonesia, sneakers made in Vietnam. I feel like I've traveled the world just thinking about it.... Oh, and our car was made in Sweden; my parents even picked it up at the factory years ago. (Five points to whoever guesses what type of car we have!)

But back to this outfit. I rarely wear this skirt because the only color I've ever paired it with is black. And then I feel too matchy-matchy and I hate that feeling. I know, I could wear it with white or grey, but that's kind of the same thing. Any suggestions? I felt like I could get behind the matchy-matchy when going for a 50s inspired look, though, since that was the norm then. I mixed it up by throwing in a grey patent pump. That is mixing it up, right?

The vintage cardi (probably actually from the 60s) helped me feel like a throwback while the sexy, lacy back of this shirt (seen here) made it all very modern and NOW. Overall, I'm feeling successful.

I don't want to jinx myself, but I just might be on the fall train. And that calls for an awkward hands dance:

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  1. You need to wear that skirt all the time, it's my favorite part of your entire outfit! I love this total look, possibly one of my favorites of all time that you have worn!

  2. I love the skirt! You definitely need to wear it more. For a fall fashion look, you should see what closet 365 did with her green skirt.

    Really loving the lacy sleeves on the top!

  3. wow that skirt is beautiful! I love this outfit totally something I would wear!

  4. @ Ashley: that's what my husband said, too. I guess I'll have to find more ways to wear it. I feel a challenge week coming on...

    @ Lyddie: Great link! I am so going to try something like that!

    @ Shey: You know, that actually crossed my mind. I thought this looked like you. Jejeje

  5. I rather enjoy your awkward hand dance. :)

  6. have you tried pairing this skirt with red, maybe? (it's just that "red" is my anwser to all "I-can't-pair-this-with-anything" problems. and hey, it usually works :))

    and the awkward hands dance? a winner in my book :)

  7. I am guessing you have a Volvo.
    I picked up ours with my dad at the factory too, about 20 years ago !
    I am amazed at how many countries you have come up with today. I am shocked at the garlic. Garlic from China. OMG.

  8. @ Fer: I'll have to try red. That hadn't even crossed my mind.

    @ Lorena: You get five points. My parents picked this one up about fifteen years ago, so don't feel too bad. ;)

  9. I love the skirt so much! You are definitely pulling off the fifties vibe :)

  10. loVe the green skirt!!!


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