Friday, September 3, 2010

Mad Dress Game Clothing Swap!

Alright, so as I've been thinking of cleaning out my closet in anticipation of our move to Costa Rica, I've been trying to think of the best thing to do with all the clothes I need to get rid of. At the same time, I'm trying to find the best ways to "shop". Just because I need to downsize doesn't mean I can't get any fun new stuff, right?


So this is my thought: Wouldn't it be great to swap clothes (or shoes or accessories) with all the stylish readers that stop by Mad Dress Game? I mean, I check out some of your outfits online and I'm impressed. And I'm pretty sure y'all have some items that you're trying to get rid of, too. I can't be the only one with the overflowing closet. Besides, everyone loves getting packages, everyone loves new clothes, and everyone loves saving money, and this idea kinda rolls all of those things together.

Here's how it works:

1. Answer a few questions about yourself and your style (see Questionnaire below). Be sure to include a valid email - entries without a valid email will be disqualified!

2. Post your answers in the comments section (or email them to me at francesjsantiago at gmail dot com with the subject "Clothing Swap") by SEPTEMBER 15th.

3. I'll match you up with another participant who's got what you're looking for (clothes, shoes,accessories, whatever), email y'all by the 23rd of September, and let you work out the details of the exchange. (And this is where I feel compelled to tell y'all that no one likes a quitter - or a swap drop out.)

4. You'll send off your goodies by the date agreed upon by you and your partner, and receive some goodies in exchange.

5. Rock your swapped goodies, and be sure to post pictures!

Easy enough, right?


So here's the Clothing Swap Questionnaire:

1. Name and place
2. Approximate clothing size (and shoe size, just in case)
3. I usually wear______.
4. I never/rarely wear______.
5. I wish I had ______.
6. I want to share ______.
7. Are you willing to ship internationally?
8. Valid Email

Be as vague or specific as you'd like to be in your answers (except, you know, for numbers 7 and 8).

And since I'm a teacher and a participant, I'll model a completed questionnaire:

1. Frances Joy in Philly
2. 4 - 8 depending on the brand, so I'll just say a 6; in shoes, I'm a 6
3. I usually wear skirts.
4. I rarely wear pants.
5. I wish I had more leopard print and floral prints in my life.
6. I want to share a pile of pants, shorts, and capris in sizes 2-6.
7. Yep.
8. francesjsantiago at gmail dot com

I look forward to seeing the response when I get back from Turkey!

Don't forget to enter by September 15th!


  1. Such a cool idea!!! I am excited to be a part of it!!!

    1. Ashley J in Tennessee
    2. I can wear mediums/larges or size 8 or 10 depending on brand. Shoes I am a 7.5
    3. I usually wear Dresses!!
    4. I rarely wear pants or rompers!!
    5. I wish I had more designer brand clothing.
    6. I want to share my dress collection...fancy or casual.
    7. No
    8. OR

  2. 1. Francis Santiago/ Woodbridge Virginia
    2.Medium, 8-10/ Shoe: 6
    3. I usually wear skirts.
    4. I never/rarely wear jeans.
    5. I wish I had a Michael Kors purse.
    6. I want to share some of my many bracelets.
    7. Are you willing to ship internationally? NO

  3. Haha, what a fun idea! Do you have any red shorts you are looking to get rid of?

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. Hey Frances first you won my giveaway so if you could email me your address i will sent you the stuff!!
    Second I would like to join!

    1. chantele, wales, uk
    2. UK size 12 and size 7 shoes
    3. I usually wear dresses and skirts
    4. I never/rarely wear joggers, hoodies, trainers, designer clothes
    5. I wish I had more 50's style full skirts and dresses
    6. I want to share the huge piles of clothes blocking my hall way! lol. I have all sorts
    7. Are you willing to ship internationally? Yes but only to states or europe
    8. daisydayz25 at googlemail . com
    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Daisy Dayz Day Zero Challenge

  5. I love this idea Frances!
    1. Liz in Vancouver, WA
    2. 6-8 in jeans, M-L in tops, size 8 shoes
    3. I usually wear tops and jeans or skirts, pretty classic casual looks.
    4. I never/rarely wear skimpy clothes, or short hemlines, things that call attention to the midsection.
    5. I wish I had. dresses and skirts to wear with tights this fall and flats or black booties!
    6. I want to share some nice sweaters and a pair of new black pointy-toe Worthington boots, size 8. And probably a lot more by the time I go through stuff!
    7. Are you willing to ship internationally? Probably not, I'm too broke!

    People can check out my blog to get a sense of my style!

  6. Cool idea! I know I have stuff to swap!

    1. AJ in Utah
    2. Pants: 6, skirts/dresses: 4, tops: XS or Sm, shoes: 6 or 6.5
    3. I usually wear skirts, jeans, dress pants, cardigans. I teach school so it has to be somewhat professional-looking.
    4. I never/rarely wear anything above knee-length or tank tops.
    5. I wish I had cute & modest vintage dresses, also scarves and belts.
    6. I want to share tops and jeans - I'll have to go through my closet and see what else I have.
    7. Are you willing to ship internationally? Probably not
    8. alaynejane at gmail dot com

  7. 1. Name and place Jessica, Riverside CA

    2. Approximate clothing size (and shoe size, just in case) XS, Sometimes i can wear small btu for the most part XS. size 3 Jeans/shorts.
    3. I usually wear__t-shirts, tank tops.____.
    4. I never/rarely wear___skirts___.
    5. I wish I had __Something aside from t-shirts, although those are great too! I tend to stick with what I know although Ive been meaning to change my style. Someday. lol.____.
    6. I want to share __LOTSA Medium and size small shirts/sweaters/jeans/etc. ____.
    7. Are you willing to ship internationally? Yeah, but rather stay in the states to prevent something getting lost in the mail.
    8. Valid Email
    9. Age Group: 21


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