Monday, December 6, 2010

Lazy and winners aka Outfit #29

All remixed, of course.
Sweater: H&M
Scarf: H&M
Pants: New York & Co.
Belt: came with a blazer
Boots: Noble Town Vintage via Etsy
Earrings: Turkey

I am not super proud of this outfit. It feels a little lazy, but I was tired this morning and needed something warm to get me to and from work. They were calling for flurries, and the last thing I wanted was to be the girl on the train who's totally inappropriately dressed for the freezing cold weather. Also, I hate walking to the train in heels because the sidewalk is totally broken up and it's a treacherous walk.

This scarf is pretty much the best thing about this look, let's be honest. I love it.

Also great? My hair. My curls are fabulous today.
I promise that tomorrow's look will be more exciting. And if there's nothing good tomorrow, then I guarantee that WEDNESDAY'S look will kick. I will do an extra day if I am boring tomorrow.

And now, giveaway time.

We went old school and wrote everyone's name on a slip of paper. By we, I mean me.

Then I made B choose a name:

He did this by pushing the papers onto the floor. There were two left on the table, so he put them in front of Kiku and chose the one she sniffed first. I don't have pictures of that because I fell down laughing at his method.

Who did B and Kiku pick? Liz of Lizzypunch!

And since we were feeling generous, we decided to choose one additional winner. This time, B was normal when choosing:

And the second winner?

Fellow Philly girl, Besos, Lynn!

I'll be contacting you both soon and crossing my fingers that you don't want the same item. Ha ha!


  1. I feel so honored to have been sniffed. And that was awkward...

  2. The scarf is really pretty and a girl has gotta be warm with these freezing temps.

  3. What a great way to pick a giveaway winner!

  4. I actually rally like the simplicity of your outfit! Congratulations on almost being done!

  5. YIPPIEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I never win anything, nothing, nada! Yeah for me. The one day I fell asleep before I could read your blog I win something! I am beyond excitied. Thanks Frances and B!

  6. chic but the scarf!!

  7. Those boots are great! I have been searching for good tall boots like those...

  8. The scarf is really pretty and a girl has gotta be warm with these freezing temps.


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