Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Olive and leopard

All remixed except tights and belt
Skirt: Target
Tee: Target
Cardigan: Loft
Tights: Kohl's
Boots: Nine West
Belt: ?
Cami: Kohl's
Scarf: J Crew
Earrings: gift from sister-in-law

This is what I wore for our going away party at church, and for church, too, of course. I will definitely miss that place.... But back to the outfit. I saw this outfit in my mind one morning, and I knew I wanted to try it. Church seemed like as good an occasion as any.

It actually turned out better than I'd expected. I felt comfortable and stylish in it, and I like to think it walked the line between casual and dressy, which is a line I apparently like to walk. Cowboy boots and a grandpa cardigan do a good job of toning down a pencil skirt and tights, I think.

And I know this is a really weird angle (thanks, B!) but it does a good job of showing off the details of this look. I really liked the mix of colors, especially the olive with leopard and red. The cardigan is cozy and warm, too, which is always a plus because our church is pretty chilly. Added bonus: pattern mixing. Oh yeah!

And now for your enjoyment: aloof style blogger and crazy dog. This is totally my favorite kind of picture.


  1. I love this mix. Olive and navy and red and yellow and leopard!!!
    I did something similar only with olive and navy and stripes and red.
    Unexpectedly awesome.

  2. Hola chica! Espero que todo este yendo bien y que no estes estresandote tanto, como siempre tu si sabes usar las botas vaqueras. =)

  3. You dog has crazy eyes!
    I like the olive with the pattern. I think it works. As for the cardigan, it takes all my effort not to wear my favorite one everyday. I tried to wear it yesterday and the fella said I looked like a librarian. I thought that was a compliment. That's not what he meant. All that to say, I like your cardigan.

    The Auspicious Life

  4. Love the mix of prints and colors. Great outfit!

  5. I love that skirt! You walk that line perfectly. Saying goodbye to friendly places and faces is never easy.
    No Guilt Fashion

  6. Lmao the last pic is hilarious, mn I really wish I had a dog too theyre adorable. I need a skirt like that, so hot!

  7. Love the colour combos - need to get braver on that score. You wear prints really well, too - bravo!

  8. I like the color of the olive with the skirt. Until you did a close up shot of the two, I coudlnt' even tel that they weren't color matched!

  9. Lmao the last pic is hilarious, mn I really wish I had a dog too theyre adorable. I need a skirt like that, so hot!


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