Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy birthday to me!

Dress (worn as skirt): Target
Tee: J Crew
Scarf: Covered Ladies Designs
Earrings: Turkey
Belt: Target
Booties: Aldo

Confession: B picked this outfit out, too; I'm too lazy to dress myself. Either that, or I just hired myself a stylist.

It's my birthday today.  I'm turning twenty-nine, and yes, I did just tell the internet that I am a year shy of thirty.  Y'all can go ahead and tell me how young I look; I get it all the time. Since I missed my blogiversary (bad blogger), I thought my birthday would be a good time to think about the past and future of Mad Dress Game.

For one thing, my pictures have definitely gotten better since my first post. For another, I've gotten a bit more creative in my mixes, have "met" a lot of people, and have drastically reduced my wardrobe.

I'm also going to tell myself that my poses have improved.... And that makes me think about the future. Just go with it, because we all know that was a terrible transition sentence. Anyway, as I think about the future of Mad Dress Game, I know I want to do a few things in the next year.

For one, I'd like to revamp the blog - maybe a "hire-a-professional" kind of revamp. For another, I'm thinking of doing a feature focusing on teachers who style/fashion blog (if you'd be about it, let me know and I'll email you.)  I want to really want to focus on getting the most out of my limited wardrobe while I'm here in Costa Rica - that might involve some remixing and creative layering challenges. I want to be a blog where women (and men) who can't shop - for whatever reason - can be inspired to work their closets.

Also in mind for the future of Mad Dress Game: more awkward hands and goofy faces.


  1. Happy birthday! I wish you (and your blog) another wonderful year!
    Love your yellow skirt, and your cute awkward poses.

  2. Happy Birthday girlie!! I love how much your blog has evolved! Love your poses and cute remixes! isnt it just so great to get inspired by your wardrobe?

    xo Nav

  3. Happy birthday--and your stylist did a lovely job. I'm a teacher...but I am not working with a limited wardrobe, so I don't know that I would exactly fit the profile you are after.

  4. Happy happy birthday! You look beautiful and happy. Love love love your outfit - that skirt is perfect on you!

  5. Un peu de tenue !June 5, 2011 at 10:27 AM

    Joyeux anniversaire ! ;)

  6. Happy birthday. I can't wait to see any changes or features you put into effect.

  7. It works! I'm still getting my questions together, but I'll contact you.

  8. Happy (belated) Bday! I love your birthday look, esp. the mix-and-match prints on the skirt and scarf! (And I think your posing is super cute - then and now!)

  9. Happy Birthday to you and your blog!


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