Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A pop of zebra

Teal pleated blouse - Oraré (thrifted)
Zebra print belt - Target
Black pencil skirt - Gap Factory Store
Elephant earrings - Kohl's
Black pointy-toed flats - Naturalizer

This is the debut of the seventy-five cent pleated blouse that I picked up at the thrift store last week. My original plan was to wear it for Easter with the same skirt and some yellow snakeskin heels, but my mom actually got me something fabulous to wear for Easter, so this shirt had to wait a couple days longer. I threw on the belt at the last minute, thinking it'd be a fun addition to the party. Besides, I'm a sucker for an animal print, and any time I can work one of my animal print belts into an outfit, I'm a happy girl.

Also, could I take a moment to discuss my hair? I washed it last night, twisted a few random sections to get it out of the way, and fell asleep. It was pretty much glorious when I woke up. One of my students said, "Miss, your hair looks really nice. It looks like you didn't even do it, but nice."

Look! It's my telenovela hair!

I love these flats. They are so many levels of comfortable - a must since I'm on my feet all day at work - and pointy for all those leg-elongating benefits. The shape is pretty classic, but those adorable cut outs just make my day. It's like I'm wearing sandals, except they're totally work appropriate. Love!

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