Monday, May 16, 2011


Tee: Ann Taylor
Jeans: LOFT
Scarf: Turkey
Earrings: gift from sister-in-law
Bangles: Banana Republic
Purse: Nine West
Sandals: Target

I'm really sad that I have exactly two good pictures of this outfit, because I'm a big fan of how it turned out. I've long been stumped by these jeans, but I think this look works. I got these jeans from my sister for Christmas and I've been kind of dipping my toes in the boyfriend jean looks, but this outfit felt like I jumped in. I might still be in the shallow end, but I feel that this is progress. I wore this on Saturday for a date day with B. We went to the mall while our coworker picked students up at the airport. We wandered around, looked at stuff we couldn't afford to buy, had lunch and dinner at the food court, and watched the latest Fast and the Furious movie because THAT is how much I love my husband. All in all, it turned out to be a good day.


  1. You did a great job with this outfit! I, too, am a fan. I love it so much I might copy this weekend! Cheers!

  2. Thanks! I'm so afraid of these boyfriend jeans, so I'm so excited that the outfit worked.

  3. haha, yes, that is love. I mean, most movies stop being good past the first. Now and again a good trilogy pops in. But FIVE? someone needs to draw a line.

    I think you've styled the jeans well - a pretty printed scarf is such a great way to make jeans and tee seem super stylish. like you've put in tons of effort, but really, it's just a scarf.

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  5. hehehe I can't telll you whther it's true love because I haven't watched the movie hehehe, you look very nice and yes this is a very classic look, very appropriate and comfy to go out on a date with your hubby. =)

  6. And it looks like they're making a sixth. Really, Vin Diesel doesn't look young enough to keep pulling that off.
    And I think you've just hit on the magic of scarves - they look like effort and they're not.

  7. Jejeje It was all ridiculous action and explosions with very little plot, so, yes. True love. ;)

  8. That sounds like a fun day and you, my dear, look classically chic. Simple and so adorable!

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  9. Sounds like a great date. I like the boyfriend jeans look here because it's a little bit masculine and feminine mixed. I also dig that purse.


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