Monday, May 30, 2011

Rockstar bling

Dress: Ross
Scarf: Target
Booties: Aldo
Sunnies: Puerto Rico
Bracelets: gifts from my uncles
Earrings: gift (from Guatemala)

My secret: when I don't feel like getting dressed, I reach for a dress. People think you tried, and you didn't at all.

Of course, if you spend any amount of time around these parts (and by these parts, I mean fashion and style blogs in general) that's neither news nor a secret.

I wore my favorite bracelets: this collection of embellished bangles that make me feel like a total rockstar when I wear them. I've had them since I was twelve (that's sixteen years, y'all) and they've always been this cool. My students were totally impressed with them - both the girls and the boys. When the boys are taken with your jewelry, you know it's totally cool.

And now can y'all help me figure out why I'm pointing at Kiku? Weirdest pose ever....


  1. hehehehe maybe you were trying to tell her to stay and she just ignored you. Those bangles are nice, I don't think I've ever kept something that long....

  2. P.S. love the outfit and those glasses are very nice, you remind me of J.Lo with them =D

  3. LOL. Your pose is cute! I am always doing that - and that is usually because I am trying to "direct" my chihuahua... and I pretend like she listens to me... it's a fantastic relationship! And you look awesome in that outfit. I am so impressed by your bangles.... WOW - you have kept them for a long time. Cheers!

  4. I agree, dresses are a fabulous way to look well easy and fast.... and Kiku is a rockstart!

  5. Love the simple grey dress. You look great.


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