Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gifts and questionable outfits

Tank: H&M - gift from my sister
Dress (worn as a skirt): Papaya - gift from my sister
Sunnies: Puerto Rico
Earrings: Target
Beach: Cahuita

I wore shoes this day, I just don't remember which ones and they're not in the pictures, so I figure it's okay to skip that little detail. This feels like so long ago, and that's because it was and I have a backlog of outfit pictures that I'm slowly going through. I'm fine with that. I'm taking it slowly because I'm enjoying the let up in the amount of work in my daily life.

I don't know if I love this outfit. I mean, it was appropriate for what we were doing (driving out to the East Coast to drop off our sweet intern, A, at her family's place in Limón) and it's comfortable... But somewhere between the blue on blue, the dress pulled down as a skirt, and the knotted top, I feel like it just wasn't working.

On the plus side, my sister gave me both the dress and the tank when I saw her in July. She tried to give me piles of stuff, but I have little use for anything summery up here in the land of the eternal fall (that's my affectionate name for this region of Costa Rica) so I selected these two pieces because I thought I could do a lot with them. And I will. Just maybe not together again.


  1. I think you are always utterly adorable, but I know the feeling when your outfit just doesn't quite work the way you want it to. The beauty of style is that there's always another shot the next day. :)

  2. I love the look myself! :-)


  3. I liked the outfit in person, but the pictures didn't do it justice.

  4. What a pretty pretty outfit. Love your skirt and your hair!

  5. You look so very happy !
    :) Me encanta-

  6. Your hair is just beautiful! We like the blue on blue and it's perfect for a day at the beach!

    Heather & Kayla


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