Wednesday, August 24, 2011

FFB: Dating and Relationships

Y'all, I'm going to start by telling you this is going to be a long post. Both B and I wrote for it, which is why it's going to be long. On the plus side, there are pictures (that you can click on to enlarge)!
Now that that's out of the way, for this month's Feminist Fashion Bloggers post, we're tackling dating and relationships. I was trying and trying to think of something to blog about regarding this topic. I briefly thought of having B pick out my outfit, except remember how I hired him to be my stylist and he did an amazing job? He knows what I like to wear. That got me thinking about the things I like that he doesn't (skinny jeans, for example) and that led to this post: a his and hers top five looks.
So here's B's take on the whole idea:
So, Frances asked me to pick five of my favorite outfits from her blog and write a little about why I like them. This is difficult because I like a lot of them and I don't know much about fashion, so my reasons generally consist of "she looks hot in it." But I will give it a try and see how it goes.
And now, the outfits in no particular order:

His & Hers (originally seen here)
His Take: I like this one because it's a good mix of things that make it interesting. The booties and the purple corduroy skirt (yes it's corduroy) are businesslike with a little sexy. After that it gets crazy with the big belt buckle and the leopard print shirt. I like the combination.
Her Take: I like this look because of the mixed neutrals, my favorite booties, a pop of animal print, a crazy belt, and my amazing hair. It was comfortable, functional, and pretty. Win, win, win. (And yeah, we totally picked the same look...)

His (originally seen here)             Hers (originally seen here)
His take: I like this one because I love the yellow dress/skirt, I like it when my wife wears bright colors. The colors are simple and the tank top shows off her, um, endowment. And the bracelet is just fun.
Her take: I love the fifties bombshell vibe this look has going on. The color combination isn't too crazy, but it is a little unexpected, especially with the navy shoes. It is a dreamy look that I miss now that we're living in the mountains.

His (originally seen here)                                Hers: (originally seen here)
His take: This outfit is definitely my favorite! I'm a big fan of the booties and I really like the leopard print skirt, it fits well and shows off her legs. Also one of my favorite blouses, it's a little classy and also very sexy. Once again, I love bright colors on my wife and the blue sweater is a great color for her while not covering up the rest of the outfit too much. And the earrings we bought in Turkey - good memories.
Her take: How could I go wrong with a jersey wrap dress, black and brown, and my favorite booties? I felt so comfortable, beautiful, and powerful in this look. Also, can I just take a minute to say that I also love the look that B picked? That's a great outfit and definitely high on my list of favorite posts.

His (originally seen here)                      Hers (originally seen here)
His take: What can I say, this is crazy and fun. No one around here wears anything like this and it shows how far my wife has come in her confidence in herself and what she wears.
Her take: This outfit was pretty revolutionary for me. It was quite fitted on top and on bottom, there were jeans involved, and my hair was huge. There was no hiding in this outfit and I felt so amazingly confident and - dare I say it? - sexy in it. Plus, it reminded me of something my mom had worn about thirty years ago so there was that whole family connection going on.

His (originally seen here)                        Hers (originally seen here)
His take: This is in the running for my most favoritest as well. The grey heels are possibly my favorite shoes and I don't get to see them too often up here in the mountains. I also love this blouse, it's work-safe and smokin' hot at the same time. I like the elephant earrings because I know they're some of Frances's favorites. And I always like her hair up better than down (apologies to her mom...). The whole outfit is classic-looking but she also looks hot in it :)
Her take: Yeah, this might feel like cheating because it looks a whole lot like the third outfit on this post, but y'all, I like dresses, I like black and brown, and I like these booties. When something works, it just works. Also, my first fishtail braid looks pretty good and I really like that post.

My conclusion? B picked some really good looks - outfits that I felt beautiful and confident and even creative in.  Also, he apparently thinks I'm pretty good looking (which is fine; I think he's pretty smokin', too). Do I think there are some huge differences between our choices? I noticed that he picked a lot of recent looks, but there's not so much of a difference in style.  I think that's because B knows me and my style really well and he likes it (except for my penchant for skinny jeans).

How about y'all? Any favorite looks? Would your partner have chosen super different looks than you?


  1. I LOVE your pick of the one with the purple shirt! That is totally my fave of these 9!

  2. i love this post! so interesting to see a man's idea of what looks good. frequently my boyfriend and i agree on outfits, but just as frequently he's like hey WTF have you got on? it's also so nice to see how much your husband loves you!

  3. I LOVE this idea! I have absolutely no idea what my boyfriend would choose for me, but I'm super curious to find out! :)

  4. Great idea, I might have to steal this one :)

  5. I miss both the top and the skirt. I don't remember if I gave them away or if they're in storage. I'm hoping it's the latter....

  6. Hahaha! There have been plenty of WTF moments, I think, but he largely keeps those to himself until I press him. And, yeah, he's a good man. :)

  7. I was pretty surprised by a lot of these choices and it was definitely fun to get a glimpse into what's going on in his head regarding my clothes, especially because I rarely dress to impress him. I mean, I already did that. Haha

  8. Do it! I'd love to see more of these posts!

  9. What a cool post...!!! You should start a series that we can all chip in to...loved reading this.

  10. This might be one of my most favorite posts ever. This was SO fun to read! I love all of your outfits so I can't really pick just one. :)

  11. The thought crossed my mind... I'm going to think about it and see what I come up with.

  12. What an interesting approach to this topic. He likes your "endowments"

  13. This was a really fun post to read. :) Loved Ben's comments!

  14. oranges_and_applesAugust 27, 2011 at 10:33 AM

    I loved this! He really thinks you're hot! which you are!

  15. I really liked this post. I found it purely amazing that you both picked the same outfit.

  16. Love this post! It was so interesting - to read your husbands oppinion on some of your gorgeous outfits <3

  17. Aww your hunny was so nice to do this. I think BF would have just looked at me and shrugged...


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