Friday, August 12, 2011

White shirt week day 4

Tee: Target (gift from A)
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Tank: Banana Republic
Belt: Etsy (don't remember which vendor and it was ages ago)
Leggings: Target (gift from my sister)
Earrings: Turkey
Boots: Noble Town Vintage via Etsy

It's the last installment of my white shirt challenge, y'all. I still have mixed feelings about this outfit, though I did feel like a dancer while I wore it (especially when I lost the cardigan when I hung around the house). Feeling like a dancer makes me happy because (a) I love dancing and (b) am OB.SESSED. with So You Think You Can Dance.

Of course, I'm a perfectly mediocre dancer so this about as close as I get to feeling like a real dancer - you know, piles of thin layers with some flowy pieces.

Y'all, my husband and I have the house to ourselves for the first time, in, oh, forever. We had seven people living in our house for most of the summer, which was sometimes nice but often overwhelming. Not that we didn't love our interns (we did), just that sometimes I'd like to live with just my husband and our pets.

We're on our own for the next two weeks and I'm. So. Excited.


  1. enjoy the privacy! Our household is going through the opposite adjustment--my daughter and grandson are settling in. As for poses, check out the Dusk Zone. Dusk is a flamenco dancer, but she's taught me lots about "owning" poses.

  2. I quite like the looks like the perfect colour block.
    I LOVE the belt!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired


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