Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome to Americana

B and I had our first date day in six weeks this past weekend. Six. Weeks. Yeah.... Let's not let that happen again, mmkay? I mean, it's not even like we have kids to keep us from having couple time. There is just no excuse for that kind of foolishness.
Except for, you know, work....

We went to Alajuela to hit up some Americanas. We stumbled into one that's probably my new favorite - the prices and the selections were AMAZING. B was sold because, Michigan boy that he is, he stumbled across a Pistons' jersey.
We don't talk much about the Pistons because I spent nearly nine years in the Chicago area and that's a sore spot for him. (We can agree on the Celtics though, and that's important.)

He also found this ridiculous Speed Racer jacket. I mean, really....

I was lucky enough to find this pink polyester jumpsuit which I would have gotten if it hadn't (a) been meant for someone six inches taller and (b) had a huge stain on the back of one leg. Even though it was a whopping $.80, I couldn't take the chance when it needed so much work.

We also went to the mall for crepes (mine was Nutella filled because I have an addiction that needs to be fed, okay?) and a movie.

B's crepe was fruit and whipped cream filled and came with ice cream. He thinks he made the better choice, but I beg to differ....


  1. 6 weeks is a long time, but looks like you guys made up for it and had a good time! Date nights are the best!
    Awesome jumpsuit! But I agree it's was definitely a wise choice to leave it behind. ;)

  2. You are making me crave dessert crepes so badly!

  3. Oh, the nutella crepe sounds delicious. And nice to meet your mister.

  4. It was delicious. I should have B on the blog more often. He loves thrifting with me!

  5. Yes they are. We had so much fun. And hopefully someone else out there will appreciate the jumpsuit.

  6. I've decided I need to learn to make them myself because they are too good to be for special occasions only.

  7. I think the speed racer jacket is my favorite!


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