Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kiku and compliments

All remixed
Dress: Ross
Scarf: H&M
Earrings: Turkey
Boots: Nine West
Puppy: Kiku

Another successful BBCA day, y'all. I worked the pink in again and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Kiku's been getting a lot of love in the comments recently, and for good reason, because she's so adorable. My aunt calls her a robacámara, which literally means that she steals the camera, but figuratively means that she likes to be in every shot. What is that in English?

I got compliments on both my scarf and dress from coworkers today, which made me feel pretty good. Isn't it great when that happens?

Also, I had to run to get on the train today. A couple of nursing students held the doors open for me and a couple that were trying to get on the train just before it pulled away. Which is super rare and super nice. I got on the train, thanked the girls, and then one of them was like, "Oh my gosh! She's so pretty! You're so pretty!" Which was a little awkward but also really nice. I mean, I've had to tell B. "Oh my gosh, she/he is so beautiful!" sometimes when people are just exceptionally gorgeous, but I've never actually said it so that the other person can hear. Maybe I should, because it totally made my day.


  1. Wow what a sweet compliment, it's true :D
    I love the dress with the jacket and boots, it looks so put together!

  2. That scarf totally changes the look of that looks fab with the jacket the boots..this ones a huge hit for me:)

    Love it!

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  3. Kiku is a sweetiepie! I love her so much :)

    One of my cats, Aninha, is also a robacámara; when my house is presentable again for picture taking, I bet she'll be stealing my thunder again, heheh ;) (my cats don't go outside)

    Nice scarf! And I love your dress + cowboy boots combo. I really want to try it on myself too, but I still don't have the perfect dress for it. I bought one online that might just do the trick though; now I'm waiting for it to arrive so I can see if it'll work or not.

    um beijo!

  4. I love this outfit on you!!!

  5. I really do love that scarf, its super cute!! Your little doggy is cute too.

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