Wednesday, October 6, 2010


All remixed
Jacket: Banana Republic
Pin: ?
Cardigan: Kohl's
Top: Ann Taylor
Skirt: Banana Republic
Pumps: Nine West
Bracelet: won in a giveaway from No Guilt Fashion
Earrings: Turkey

I think I'm getting into the swing of BBCA (check out Melissa's blog for more info). Anyway, I think I'm getting into the swing of pink, and I love this outfit. Love it. It feels like a flashback, and I like that.

I've had this houndstooth print skirt for, like, four years. It's so pretty and flowy and it's made of a nice cotton-silk blend. The problem is that I always forget that I have it and don't wear it. I've got to remember this skirt more often, though, because it's gorgeous.

I love this lilac top with the pink pumps. And I know they look nude in these pics, but they are actually a lovely shade of pink, I promise. How pretty are the ties on that top, though? So pretty.


  1. How cute do you look in this!!! Love the mix of patterns and colors!

  2. Love the skirt with the cardi...I really love the pattern on that skirt...very flattering..I may have to hunt one down!!

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  3. I have recently concluded that my life will not be complete until I find a houndstooth skirt. It has to have a really large houndstooth though. I saw a skirt like it at work and at Target except both were in the little kids' sections. I'm determined to find one that fits me!

  4. also, one time j was trying to come up with the word houndstooth and he said horehound instead. i'm not sure that is even a word but it was hilarioius.

  5. I love how the bow ties over the cardigan! And yea, I did think the shoes were nude at first (and was going to compliment you on how long they made your legs look) but now that you mention it...they ARE pink! :)

  6. SOoo soo pretty! I would definitely wear this, and those pumps are great! Love this look very much your look muy bonita!

  7. It's one of my favorite looks on you.
    YOU LOOK LIKE YOU are loving it... totally shows.

  8. Love, love, love, love, LOVE this! You look stunning! The skirt is adorable, the tie at the neck of the blouse is gorgeous and that shade is so pretty on you too. You look great!

  9. How cute do you look in this!!! Love the mix of patterns and colors!


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