Sunday, October 17, 2010

Copy cat

I'm going to go ahead and admit to a bit of slacking on the BBCA challenge this weekend. I'll be back on track soon, though....


All remixed except shirt
Shirt: Ann Taylor (gift from mom)
Jeans: Elle via Kohl's
Wedges: Candies via Kohl's
Earrings: Kohl's

This outfit was pretty much my take on one of Kendi's looks. To recreate it, I first raided B.'s closet; it was as if I'd forgotten that the man is a full foot taller than I. It was not a good look. And then I remembered that I had this shirt sitting in the closet waiting to be worn. It was a bit too long to tuck into my jeans, so I decided to leave it loose.

It was an easy look for a night in with friends for chili, games, and the Phillies - not that any of us are FROM Philly, we just had to watch the game so we can keep up with the local news.

I was, as always, the most overdressed of the group in this shirt and jeans. I think it was my beloved leopard print wedges that pushed me over the edge.


All remixed
Dress: vintage; thrifted
Belt: Target
Boots: Nine West
Jacket: Banana Republic
Pin: ?
Earrings: Target

I will not lie to y'all. I wore pretty much this exact outfit back in April. The pin, hair, and earrings are different, though, so that's something, right?

Sometimes things work well and there's no need to fix it. Also, sometimes you just don't want to think about what to wear to church on Sunday morning. You just want something comfy and warm and pretty. And this was all three things.

Do y'all ever post repeat outfits? Am I the only one?


  1. Love outfit number 2! That dress is great! I dont post total repeat outfits, but I will happily repeat items and just put on different shoes, jacket and jewellery!
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  2. this dress is AMAZING! I mean, really. now I feel unhappy because it is not mine :(


    um beijo!

  3. when it comes to dresses, all you can change are the accessories, really. Its not a repeat if some part is different.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. What a fun dress!You have great re-mixing talents!


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  5. You really rock the oversized shirt and jeans! And nice shoes.

  6. i love how you feature your dog in every post! so cute!!

  7. I post repeat outfits because you may for example have a dress that you wear differently in the Summer that in the Fall. In the Summer I may wear open toe shoes and in the fall in winter I would wear boots.


  8. I can't post repeat outfit but, I might make an exception for that dress!

  9. this dress is AMAZING! I mean, really. now I feel unhappy because it is not mine :(


    um beijo!


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