Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guest Post: Raindrops on roses with Iris

Hey y'all! While I'm getting settled in Costa Rica, some of my favorite bloggers have been kind enough to share their thoughts and wisdom. I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do. For today's post: channeling the Sound of Music with Iris.

Hi, it's Iris from 260 Days, No Repeats stepping in for Frances Joy while she is getting settled into her new routine in Costa Rica. Good luck with everything! When I asked her for a ideas regarding what my focus should be on in this post she suggested talking about a few of my favorite things. Thankfully, that's a no brainer; raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens no wait, that's not right...
Well, as you might know (or have gathered) I am trying to go one year without wearing a repeated outfit to work. That challenge has definitely impacted what I would consider a "favorite". I don't have the option of leaning on one or two safe outfits because that would be breaking the rules. Additionally, wearing the same few items over and over again would be silly considering how many options I have. There are, however, a few key pieces that I find very useful when putting my copious amounts of clothing combo's together. Interestingly enough they're a bit unexpected and have taught me valuable lesson about style...
 First I don't know where I would be accessory wise without my silver bead earrings from Tiffany & Co. That is a bit surprising because I always used to wear long dangly colorful earrings or sets of matching necklaces and earrings; these new simple and classic studs were so not my style! They came as a gift from BF or more specifically his company as an anniversary gift for 5 years with them. He wasn't going to pick anything from the list of options they gave him because they were all very corporate (AKA not his speed) and I thought, "What girl is going to say no to free Tiffany's!?" And they came and they sat in my jewelry box for quite some time but, now that I have been wearing them more frequently I just can't stop! They go with everything. I've learned classics are always in style!
While you might thing jewelry is my favorite accessory, you would be mistake. Not that I don't love it but, I would take the same pair of earring everyday if I could have an endless selection of handbags. The purple tote that I use all the time is probably one of the best purchases I have ever made! It was shortly after I started my current job and had taken a grown up look at my finances deeming myself severely economically challenged and making shopping out of the question!  But, my style eye wandered and I had been looking for a purple patent leather bag (yes, that specific) for months.  at that point and caved when I found this one buried under other tote bags in less awesome (read: outlet only) colors. I hemmed and hawed over it while I stood in line but, took the plunge, it was mini panic attack ensuing but, it was exactly what I had been looking for and while it wasn't cheap ($100ish) it was a steal compared to the retail price ($550+). It has been worth every penny I splurged on it that day! I've learned when you find exactly what you want at a great price it will probably be worth the splurge!

The last (new) favorite of mine is the super skinny pant/jean. That's right people, I am a jegging convert! I'll be honest though, I used to scoff at the idea of wearing those spandex infused bottoms. I thought they wouldn't work for my body type (I am busty and have full hips) but, for some reason when I put them on the comfort sucked me in and I found that (to my surprise) lots of different things in my closet that worked well with them! O and they didn't look that bad on me either. I've learned if a trend is comfy and works for you then go with it!
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Well those are some of my most favorite things although bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens almost made the cut... Maybe these selections won't be what works for everyone but, hopefully you can take a thing or two from what I have learned! Thanks so much for checking out my guest post, I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions you can email me or stop by 260 Days, No Repeats. I look forward to seeing you there!


  1. so fun that you are doing so many guest posts!

  2. Great guest post! I like the earrings - like you, I wouldn't normally be drawn to a classic shape/design, but I can see how they've now become part of your go-to look!


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