Monday, May 24, 2010

Channeling Marilyn

Black boyfriend cardi: Banana Republic Factory Store (remixed)
Purple tie neck top: Ann Taylor (remixed)
Grey tweed pencil skirt: New York & Co.
Black Coach belt: thrifted (for $1!)
Navy suede peeptoes: Nine West
Silver hoops: Kohl's

We're experiencing some weirdo weather in Philly. It's neither hot nor cold, but it sure is muggy, which means the AC is blasting.

I thought of this outfit as I was falling into bed last night, and I was planning it around that Coach belt that I picked up on a thrifting adventure Saturday. I went with B.'s sister and mom and we had a pretty successful trip, I think.

Up close you can see that it's got some paint on it, but I figure for $1 (you know, as opposed to $98), I can deal. Also, seriously, $98 for a BELT?! Who DOES that?!

I had to lose my cardi for part of the day, just because I haven't fully recovered from whatever is making me randomly break out into a cold sweat and feel like I might just pass out. I usually don't do sleeveless for work, but this top has that nice, high neckline that makes me feel appropriately covered up, even if the skirt hugs my hips like I'm freakin' Marilyn Monroe.

My peep toes and red toes also remind me of Marilyn Monroe. Also, could I just point out that I am wearing navy blue and black and not a single person commented on it? Dang skippy. I didn't want to wear flats and I no longer have a pair of black heels, and I didn't think that my go to grey pumps would work, so I went with navy, which I think works well with the grey and purple, and I'm pretty happy with the look.

Not bad for the way I'm feeling. Seriously, y'all, I need to call my doctor tomorrow to make an appointment. See, I told the Internet, which means I need to do it.
Anyway, I was thinking today about style icons - the ones who've inspired my look. You know, besides my mother, who is an icon only to my sister and me. Marilyn Monroe is one, and I've loved her for ages. Jackie O. is another. This outfit makes me think of Marilyn, with the way it celebrates these curves (and creates a waist) and when I'm feeling crappy and am worried about my health, that kind of glamour makes my day.

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