Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ANTM aka Outfit #9

30 for 30 Banner

All remixed
Dress: Target
Belt: Coach, thrifted
Wedges: Nine West
Bangle: gift from sister-in-law
Earrings: Kohl's

Y'all, I'm feeling waaaaaay better about remixing today. I remembered that I picked out seven dresses and I've only worn three of them, which means I have plenty to wear. And even if I spent the morning taking B. to work in a downpour, dealing with a leaky roof, running to the post office, and going to the gym, that's no reason that I can't dress completely inappropriately for cooking dinner and hanging out tonight. Heels and a dress it is.

Sometimes I like to imagine what Tyra and the crew would say about my pictures if I were on ANTM. To the above, she'd say, "You look like a catalog model. This (she'd imitate my pose, here) is not what a top model does. You should stand in front of the mirror and work on poses." And I'd nod as if this were the best advice I'd ever heard, thank her, and take my place in the line.

I like to think she'd tell that I'd "found the light" in this one. And then Miss J would say something about my hand looking like a baseball mitt.

"I'm starting to think you can only give us one face...."

"You look like it's your first time in front of a camera. I can see fear in your eyes. Smize!"
"There go those mitts, again," says Miss J.

"You've found the light again, but there's just something weird about that smile..."

And then they send me home and I tell the cameras that they haven't seen the last of me because I will be a top model.

All that to say, I like this outfit and I'm glad I'm not on a reality tv modeling competition.


  1. I always thought Tyra looked a bit terrifying when she smizes. Please don't start smizing. Like the look!

  2. You crack me up! I've probably said it before but, that dress looks great on you :)

  3. Thanks ladies! I can't smize, so I won't be doing any of that anytime soon. I do love this dress, though - it's one that is making the cut when I do my closet purge.

  4. Lol that so funny, they would so talk like that, hehe! Love the shoes!!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  5. Thanks! I love those shoes, too. They're so old, and still going strong!

  6. this one's my favorite! it's minimalist with a dose of oomph:)

  7. Hysterical post! That was a great idea.

    You DO look fabulous, I love the dress!


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