Friday, July 9, 2010

Curls gone wild, aka Outfit #5

30 for 30 Banner

Cropped pants: New York & Co.
Purple dress as shirt: New York & Co. via Ross
Gladiators: Chinese Laundry
Stone bracelet: gift from mom (remixed)
Quartz earrings: Kohl's (remixed)

Here I go again, with an underused item of clothing: these cropped pants. I've had them for about three years, and I love the classic shape they've got, but I rarely wear pants, so I don't wear them very often.

My original plan was to wear these pants with my black tank, but I couldn't seem to make it work with any of my belts. Then I thought, "Why not try it with this dress?"

It's a bit too long to wear it as a dress over pants, especially for a woman with my proportions, but I tucked it in and now it's blousy and cute, and I'm diggin' it.

Kiku, however, is underwhelmed by the whole thing.

Y'all, it's the first day in weeks that it's been below 90 degrees Fahrenheit - we're expecting a high of 88 (that's 31 degrees Celsius) and after days of 105 degrees (40 degrees Celsius), it feels positively cool. I threw open the windows and the back door and have actually moved beyond the fan today. And to celebrate, I let my curls go wild because hair on my neck is NOT making me want to go crazy today.

This is how happy I am about the whole thing.

And now, here I am with my Ricky Bobby awkward hands:


  1. ohh cute shoes!

  2. @ Destrehan's Daughter: Love it! Hahaha

    @ Jazzquared and Macksquared: Thanks! I wear these ALL THE TIME.

  3. pants! good job! : )
    i could ask you this somewhere other than here but i'm asking it here. how did you get the link to your etsy shop on your blog? for some reason i can't figure out how to do this. also, i updated my blog and it's not even december!

  4. Aren't you proud of me for putting on some pants?
    Yay for an updated blog! Also, it looks like you figured it out on your own. Basically it was a widget that was not blogger sponsored or something like that.

  5. Hey, a good hair day is a great day! And I love the purple dress as a top - Wearing dresses as anything other than a dress is something you only think to do when in a remix challenge.

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