Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Halfway aka Outfit #15

30 for 30 Banner

All remixed except cami
dress: custom made in Vietnam
cami: Target
belt: Target
flip flops: Rainbow
hoops: gift

Y'all, this is the halfway point! I'm so excited! The rest of my closet is even more excited than I am.

I threw this wrap dress into my 30x30 mix because I love it. It's bright and summery and comfortable, so I figured, I can make it work. It's been mocking me until today, though. There it is, among all my practical 30x30 pieces just daring me to do something different with it.

This is the most creative I've ever gotten with a wrap dress: I put a belt over it. A belt over the self ties that hold it closed. Yes, that's a lot going on around my waist, but I feel like it really gave me some more definition.

Again, it's hot, so I put on some earrings and went on with my day. My day revolved around reading Needle in a Haystack by Ernesto Mallo and trying to follow this tutorial here with my remedial sewing skills. So far I'm at about step five.

I'm using a repurposed thrifted curtain for this project, so I spent quite a bit of time ripping out seams and ironing my fabric. Y'all, I can't even TELL you how nervous I was to cut my fabric. I keep having flashbacks to seventh grade home ec and how AWFUL I was at sewing back then, but I have to say things are going a lot better this time around. Hopefully I'll have some pictures for you tomorrow. We'll see how it goes. It could be tragic; there are pockets involved....

But enough about my sewing exploits. B. decided he wanted to be on the blog today:

shirt: thrifted
pants: J Crew - gift from my parents
shoes: Kohl's

He got home and said, "I like my outfit today." I asked him if he wanted to be on the blog, and he brought me the camera. And then he made fun of me by copying my pose. You see that? Hands on hips, looking away from the camera? Ha ha, B. Very funny.

Kiku, on the other hand, won't stay still for a picture.


  1. hahahaa your husband is funny and your dog too, look at them trying to be all fashiony like you =) you look very nice by the way. Your skin looks very healthy, what do you use for skin care? =)

  2. Kiku is still perfecting the look. ;)
    As far as my skin, I wash it morning and night with the Target brand of Cetaphil - the one for sensitive skin. I also use moisturizer with SPF 15 - it's also Target brand - the one you compare to some Olay product...
    Other than that, I use Neutrogena fresh powder (fresh is the color) and MAC bronzer to even things out.
    I think my skin is mostly due to good genes and wearing little make up.

  3. Super cute dress! I love the addition of the belt to add more definition. I think a yellow belt would add a fun punch of color too!

    Love the dog picture!

  4. Ooh, a YELLOW belt! That'd be great, actually. Another thing to put on my wish list.

  5. ben is funny. :)
    - jessica

  6. LOL Go, hubby! He needs his own blog now. hahaha I love it!

    How are you enjoying your summer? When do you go back to school?

  7. Hahaha! My summer's been pretty good. I've been a little lazy, but I've been able to catch up on stuff I like to do. School doesn't start until after Labor Day for us, but I won't be teaching full time this school year - just subbing, so it'll be a low-stress back to school time. How about you?

  8. ha ha oh my gosh the exact same thing happened to me. My husband decided he wanted to be on my blog and when I asked him where his clothes were from he had no clue. Gotta love it!


  9. Sometimes my husband looks so great that I'd love to post his pictures. He isn't interested even though he has great style.

  10. That dress is perfect. Custom made in Vietnam? wow the color and the bird print could not be more Prada!

  11. @ Lorena: Prada?! That makes me love this dress a little more. Hahaha! The whole thing - from the fabric I picked out at the local market to the actual construction cost me under $10, which I'm sure is way less than actual Prada.

  12. Ooh, a YELLOW belt! That'd be great, actually. Another thing to put on my wish list.


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