Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long weekend

There will probably be two posts for today, so I thought I'd get this done nice and early.

On Saturday, Germany played Argentina, and it's not that I'm superstitious - I'm really not - but I thought I'd wear the exact same thing I wore when I last dressed for their victory.

All remixed:
Men's undershirt: Target
Ankle zip leggings: H&M
Yellow flowered infinity scarf: J Crew
Ball earrings: Banana Republic
Red beaded bracelets: gifts
Red flip flops: Gap
It was so comfortable and kinda stylish, so I thought it'd be great. And it was. And Germany started out crazy strong and played really well. Deutschland!

Sunday, we went to church, a BBQ, and downtown to see fireworks. I only have pics of my church outfit:

"Paz" tee: Bitten for Steve & Barry (DIY neckline by me - I'm so creative)
Black pencil skirt: Gap (remixed)
Denim tie belt: from my fabulous denim dress (remixed)
Espadrilles: Soixante Neuf, thrifted (remixed)
Elephant earrings: Kohl's (remixed)

I actually ended up loving this outfit. I've had that Paz (that's Peace in Spanish) shirt forever, but it fit funny. The neckline was super high and when I wore it I looked like my torso was nothing but bust. I don't know about y'all, but I don't feel the need to accentuate that any more, so I cut out the neckline so that it's clear that I have a collarbone and suddenly the shirt is wearable.

The shoes are just insanely fabulous, and I love them for being so stinkin' comfortable even though they're crazy tall. I felt like a giant at church, but that's fine since B. is actually a giant, and we balanced each other out.

I like how the pieces worked out, especially since I always want to dress up a graphic tee and can't seem to "make it work" and since this tee has been languishing in my closet since the day I bought it.

And this is me on Monday, wearing nothing but a swimsuit, cover up, and sunscreen:

Mini-dress: Volcom from some surf shop in Puerto Rico (gift from my aunt)
Flip flops: Rainbow
Black headband: Goody StayPut Headband
I would also like you to know that the patheticness above is my first 30 for 30 outfit. Sad, I know, though it's totally appropriate for the day's plans.
B. and I went to the Shore since it's oppressively hot in Philly right now. I got that dress in PR, and I swear it was longer then. It's shrunk a bit, but I usually wear it with a tank underneath and a pair of leggings. Except that for going the beach, I can't put on so many layers, especially since the AC in our car doesn't work very well.

Oh, but I love the beach.

I swear, nothing makes me feel closer to God than looking at the ocean. Is that weird? Meh, it's still true.

This is what happens when your husband is a foot taller than you and you try to take pictures together: one of you doesn't make it into the shot. Sorry B. I still love you!

Sandy feet.


  1. hello very nice your look...
    i follow...

  2. hahahaha he didn't make it! That's funny, supre cute espadrilles!

  3. We have so many pictures like that; you'd think we'd learn...
    I love those espadrilles - I don't think they were ever worn before, and they were 90% off the original price!


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