Monday, July 19, 2010

Simple things aka Outfits #13 and #14

30 for 30 Banner

All remixed
tank: Banana Republic
cami: Petite Sophisticate
skirt: Target
sandals: Target
earrings: gift
sunnies: Target
bag: gift - Kohl's

One of my homeroom students was at church on Sunday. He saw me in this outfit, which just felt weird, since he's supposed to be in uniform and I'm supposed to be in professional attire. He waved excitedly when he realized who I was, though, which is cute and hilarious, since, he's, you know, seventeen.

We went out Sunday to get some air, since our house is stifling these days. The first picture may have been taken at Lowe's; the second at Barnes & Noble. We're classy like that.

I was trying to keep things simple so I would stay cool, which is why I've also got that high bun going on. I saw it over on Modesty is Pretty last week and have been rockin' it since.

tank: Target
jeans: ?? from some random store in Puerto Rico
sandals: Chinese laundry
bracelet: Chaps
itty bitty hoops: Kohl's
necklace: gift

Today's outfit is super simple. Mostly, I'm trying to use all my 30x30 pieces. Yes, there are still some pieces I haven't worn. I know; it's a little ridiculous.

There may have been a moment while I was on the phone with B. that I said something like, "I hate all my 30 for 30 stuff." Seriously, I was quite uninspired when I was picking things out. I mean, I know I was trying to be practical, but seriously? A black tank and TWO PAIRS OF JEANS?! Meh...

I'm telling myself that I dressed it up with accessories, but let's be honest, this is boring.

I do, however, have some crazy hair going on that I quite like.
And crazy face, too...


  1. You are rocking it all right! High buns rule huh? =D I love that mustard tank, it's a very nice color and I've been seeing lots of it this summer, I want it! =D Hopefully I'll run into somthing mustard at the thrift =)

  2. Love the bright yellow Tee with the denim skirt, very nice. The high bun is great, will have to learn to do that myself!

    Daisy Dayz Home

  3. I love this particular shade of yellow. It's proven to be quite versatile.

  4. I say, anything you haven't worn yet is changeable. why not? you shouldn't be hating your 30, or you won't have any fun.

    I do think the yellow grey combination is one of the best!

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Love the yellow and gray. I also love the tank top and jeans, that first picture of you looks so unbelivably chic!

  6. Thanks ladies!
    @ LyddieGal - Thanks for the encouragement. I sometimes feel like the other clothes in my closet are mocking me. ;)

    @ Iris - Thanks so much. I felt a little embarrassed taking pictures at Lowe's. Hahaha

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  8. love the top and the bag! is it yellow or mustardy?:)

  9. It's a bit on the mustardy side. It's definitely not a soft yellow.


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