Sunday, July 11, 2010

Out on the town - aka Outfits #6 & #7

30 for 30 Banner

All remixed except necklace:
Tank: Target
Skirt: Gap
Belt: Banana Republic
Sandals: Target
Necklace: gift from Hawaii
Earrings: gift from sister-in-law
Gold bangles: Banana Republic
Green purse: gift from my mamita - Dana Buchman for Kohl's
Hair: courtesy of 1992

It was my goal to NOT take pictures in front of our basement door, because as much as I like to prop my camera up on the microwave and pose next to our fire extinguisher, I'm getting a little tired of it. So, B. and I went out Saturday night for dinner and a movie and brought our camera along.

Y'all, I loved this outfit. LOVED it! I was inspired by Kendi's leopard print skirt, but since I A, don't own a leopard print skirt, and B, can't buy one or wear one anyway for the next I forget how many days, I'm making do with my leopard print belt. It's almost the same.

I felt so sassy and sexy in this outfit, even with out heels on. I'll confess, I briefly considered wearing my red wedges with this outfit, but decided to go with these sandals in a moment of laziness. I kind of like the flats with the pencil skirt - kind of tones things down a bit in the sexy department.

These accessories really made the outfit for me. I'm diggin' the wooden beads with the gold earrings and bracelets.

When we got home, I told B. that I loved my outfit. He responded, "It's not my favorite." Because we're newly married and I don't yet know better than to ask, I asked, "What don't you like?" His answer: "It looks like a tank top. It [tanks in general] doesn't even go with a skirt."

All remixed
Dress: Ann Taylor
Belt: Banana Republic
Bracelet: gift from mom
Earrings: Kohl's
Sunnies: Target
Headband: F21
Sandals: Target
Weirdo face: courtesy of staring into the sun

Today we went to church, a World Cup get together, and then to Fairmount Park where we got some pictures over by the Water Works Center.

I wore my red wedges to church, but decided flats were better suited for World Cup games, since I jump up unexpectedly when things are getting crazy. Anyway, we were a little disappointed in the outcome, but it was a pretty good game from our perspective at least. Good times with good people and a bit of fútbol on tv.

Can I just say that we watched it in Spanish? B. and I were the only ones who speak Spanish in the room, but our friend S. enjoys the commentators more on Univisión. Can't say I blame him. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'm not totally sure what I'm going to do with myself now that the World Cup is over, but part of that will involve me, my relatively new Singer, and Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp.

On tomorrow's agenda: sewing a seam. I'm terrified; y'all should've seen the tragedy that was my 7th grade home ec class.

Finally, this is me after B. told me I was looking down in too many of my pictures:



  1. Great top and I love the necklace!

    why not enter my competition.Daisy Dayz Home

  2. the fourth picture down is my favorite!!!

  3. @ Daisymay: Thanks! I entered your give away! :) Fingers crossed!

    @ Jessica: That's Ben's favorite picture, too. Hehehe

  4. I think u look fantastic and lol@ hubby's response, he will learn that a tank is a top - goes with anything. LOL

  5. You look so lovely in both looks, the belts are seriously cute and I love your jewellery <3

  6. @ Bianca: Yeah, I think he'll learn. We'll see. ;)

    @ ...: Thanks so much!

  7. I think u look fantastic and lol@ hubby's response, he will learn that a tank is a top - goes with anything. LOL


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