Monday, November 8, 2010

30 for 30 pieces


So I'm totally late with my list, but in my defense, I haven't been at my house since Friday morning. We spent the weekend up in NY visiting B's sister, her husband, and their new baby boy. Good times were had by all. And then I came home to pick out thirty pieces to wear for the rest of this month while wearing my sweats.

This was HARD, y'all. After roughly three hours, much deliberation, and a scary moment where I handed the choice of the thirtieth item off to B, here are my picks.

Six pairs of shoes:

That's two pairs of boots, a pair of booties, two pairs of pumps, and a single pair of flats. I'm hoping I won't regret including the flats and not including my cowboy boots. In fact, I'm thinking of adding those in and doing an extra day as penance. It might happen.

Four skirts:

Two full skirts and two pencil skirts seemed to work well last time around. And yes, that's the same black pencil skirt that I used in the last remix. What can I say, it's a versatile little item and I love it to pieces. Also, I'm excited to debut my new-to-me swapped skirt (Thanks Chantele!)

Two pairs of pants:

One pair of jeans and a proper pair of pants for the days when it's much too cold to wear a skirt.

Five dresses:

The denim dress strikes again. What can I say? It's a workhorse. Also, I want to wear that checked Target dress more because it's so pretty, and I have NEVER worn that Old Navy sweater dress. Yes, I'm ashamed of myself, too. Expect these to become skirts or shirts at some point.

Four jackets/cardigans:

A blazer makes almost anything work appropriate and cardigans keep you warm. One black, one brown, and one bright should do the trick.

Eight tops:

There are two button up tops, a woven blouse, one baggy sweater, and an assortment of knits. We'll see if I don't regret not adding one more sweater to the mix when it gets deathly cold in late November. Maybe I'll skip adding the boots and throw in one more sweater.

And if you've been doing the math - I totally wouldn't have done it if I were reading - you'd notice that that's only twenty-nine pieces. That's because B's pick isn't featured here. It's an embellished yellow cardigan seen here.

I'll be starting my remixing a day late, but I promise it'll be quite a ride. Oh, and y'all - this time around there are over THREE HUNDRED participants. That's absolutely crazy.

Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, I will be breaking the shopping ban for Black Friday. Don't judge me. I actually do need a few things (a rain coat, jeans, and practical work boots) before we move to the Costa Rican rain forest and there is NO WAY I'm paying full price for that stuff.


  1. good luck, the no shopping part really kills me! I have to go to a 12 step program to stop shopping. I can't wait to see the remixes...

  2. Good luck!! You'll be awesome :)

  3. Youre going to do great with these pieces....nice choices:)

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  4. 300? wow. I definitely noticed a lot more people in my blog roll going for it, but that's just crazy. That kendi has a lot of clout in the blogging world it seems!

    good luck with your 31 for 31!

  5. Oh crap! I forgot about black Friday, I may be along with you on that one. See you at the finish line!

  6. I sadly failed to finish posting my last 30 for 30 challenge, by 5, but it wasn't really my fault I did the outfits just never had the time to photograph and post them. Good luck with your challenge!

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  7. Oh I was so sad that this challenge went through black friday but I'm going to stick it out :( Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. one of these days I'll take part on this challenge too. it seems so interesting!

    beijo :***

  9. frances, good luck on the 30 for 30, i know you can nail it:)) have fun:)

  10. one of these days I'll take part on this challenge too. it seems so interesting!

    beijo :***


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