Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today I am thankful for:

God who has never given me what I deserved and has always been more gracious than I could comprehend.

B for being the most amazing husband I could ever imagine, taking my pictures without grumbling, doing the dishes (!!!), and generally being wonderful. Love him.

Kiku for putting a smile on my face and being a sweet, well-behaved dog.

My family here in the States and back in Puerto Rico. Son todo para mí.

My "family" - all those people who have adopted me as part of their family and have been the support that we could rely on when living far from "home".

The freedom to dress however I want to dress with limited criticism.

My closet full of clothes and shoes that have afforded me so many opportunities to get creative with what I already have instead of running out to buy the latest "must-have-item".

The community of bloggers for encouraging, inspiring, and challenging me with their mad style and skills.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the States!


  1. Aww, love this post!!! Happy Thanksgiving to Mad Dress Game!!!!

  2. sweet post, have a great Thanksgiving weekend.


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