Friday, November 5, 2010

Black and a pop

All remixed except scarf and boots:
Sweater: Banana Republic
Cami: BR
Skirt: Gap
Tights: Target?
Belt: came with a blazer
Scarf: Old Navy
Earrings: Turkey
Boots: Aldo

It poured all day yesterday, so I pulled out my new rainboots for walking to and from work. Aren't they adorable?

Bonus: They were $12 at Aldo. TWELVE DOLLARS, y'all! It was a great find, and they'll serve me well when we move to Costa Rica in January.

I decided to keep everything nice and monochromatic with a pop of green. I really love wearing black, and I know I shouldn't admit that, but I do. There's something so chic and edgy about an all black outfit in my mind. You know what else is chic and edgy? Synchronized posing with Kiku. She's wearing a coat because it's cold and she'd just been outside - we usually take it off her once she's in. This is the only article of clothing she owns.

Also, I just realized how insanely sheer this sweater is. Which is fine, because I wear camis underneath it, but it's clear that my cami is green in this picture. Stinkin' flash.


  1. what gorgeous rainboots. .and for a steal too! love that pop of green :)

  2. cool boots Frances!:)
    omg my nieces call my mom mamita too:)

  3. You will be one stylish lady in Costa Ricardo with those bad boys on. The part that I'm having trouble with is combining Aldo and $12 in one sentence. Great find!
    No Guilt Fashion

  4. those boots are so fun!!

  5. You always look soo good in black! :-)


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