Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Breakfast Club aka Outfit #3


All remixed
Skirt: Gap
Shirt: Thrifted
Cami: Petite Sophisticate
Belt: Target
Boots: Noble Town Vintage via Etsy
Earrings: Kohl's

I don't know what it is about this shirt that puts a pep in my step. Maybe it's the bright plaid, maybe it's the baggy cut, maybe it's the fact that it came to me with three missing buttons that I had to replace by hand. Wait, that last one doesn't even make sense. Anyway, I'm attached. I love this shirt.

It makes me do silly things like popping my collar. Kiku thinks I'm crazy, but I like it.

Also, I danced around in the kitchen like Molly Ringwald does in The Breakfast Club. You know the scene - don't act like you don't. B. was amused, Kiku still thought I was crazy.

Can we talk pictures? The larger pictures - too much? Sometimes when I look at my blog now, I'm all like, "Whoa, Frances, that's a whole lot of Frances there." But the others seemed a bit too small. Why is there no happy medium?! Unless this is it, and then I'll go with it.

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  1. cute outfit! I really love that shirt. For some reason I've been really attracted to plaid lately. maybe its a fall thing.

    btw- the doggie is adorable too!

  2. I love your shirt and your outfit is very cute, especially with the boots!

  3. Yey! I'm glad you removed the letter typing thing verification =D

  4. I love the colors in that shirt, you look great!

  5. When it comes to photos, bigger is better! We need to see those clothes and your beautiful self!
    You and Kiku dancing is the cutest shot!

  6. I think the photos are great, Flickr might give you more size options? Love how you paired the baggy shirt with a fitted skirt!

  7. I like the big pictures! I was a little nervous about that too when I started taking better outdoors pictures but, you look awesome so it's all good :) (yes, i did just say that!)

    I agree with Lyddie you and Kiku is the best picture.

  8. I love this outfit! I may copy it next week!!

    And I love your dog!! Sooo cute!!

    I think the bigger pictures are good. I'm old! I need to be able to see them! LOL

  9. Thanks so much, y'all! I'll go with these larger pics, then. And I'm glad Kiku loves to pose for pics. She's such a great picture partner.

  10. Kiku is adorable! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. But I have to say that it means even more coming from you. You KNOW how to wear a skirt!! Love the remixing!

  11. I'm really liking the bigger pictures. You know what else I like? That shirt! The colors look great paired with the black skirt and boots.
    No Guilt Fashion

  12. Sorry I have been MIA.. its kind of crazy at the end of the year. I barely have time to post.
    I like big pictures because you can see detail, I also prefer them with natural lighting because it's the color show up better.
    One question, does Kiku come in because he hears the camera click?
    I have been wondering as my dogs have began to get in my pictures and I can only guess its the camera click...

  13. When it comes to photos, bigger is better! We need to see those clothes and your beautiful self!
    You and Kiku dancing is the cutest shot!


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