Friday, June 18, 2010

Cheesin' and summer hair

Green cami: Banana Republic (remixed)
White cami: Target (remixed)
Big girl skinny jeans: Elle via Kohl's (remixed)
Studded yellow gladiators: Chinese Laundry (remixed)
Silver cuff: American Eagle (remixed)
Silver hoops: gift from mom (remixed)
Thumbs up: last day of school! Praise the LORD!

This school year is OVER! I mean, I have to go in Monday to do a tiny bit of work and some cleaning, but for the most part, I am DONE. Grades are in, desk is cleaned out, exams are graded, summer school lists are made, and I am finally done.

This is how I feel about it. I'm beaming! We had our end of year luncheon (Does anyone else's school do that? It's new to me...), and I got a little going away gift, since I will not be back to teach there next year. I mean, I'll be there as a sub till December, but then we're moving (more on that at another time). There are some things I'll miss, but it's been a brutal school year and I've come home crying about the state of education in the urban centers of the United States so many times, that I'm ready for a break. I love education, love teaching, but I've been drawn to other ways of working in this field for awhile, and I hope to be able to work in some different but related capacity sometime in the future.

On to lighter topics: This is what I call my "summer hair", not because I wear my hair like this all summer, but because it makes me think of perfect summer days. There's something wild and breezy about it, and I love it. I mean, I woke up with fabulous curls this morning!

All that to distract you from the fact that this is essentially what I wore yesterday in different colors: flowy sleeveless blouse, jeans, and sandals. I'll be honest, I was out till one last night celebrating some friends who are getting married tomorrow. I don't want to call it a "bachelorette party" because that has terrible connotations in my head, so I'll call it una despedida de soltera instead (literally "saying goodbye to the single life"). We went out for Indian at tiffin, then on to ice cream at the Franklin Fountain, and then on to C.'s house for gifts and hanging out. Y'all, I'm definitely getting old because I was EXHAUSTED this morning, though I wouldn't have missed last night's fun for the world. I didn't want to think about my clothes, so I didn't.

I think it turned out okay, and it served today's purposes: comfort and ease to finish grading and do some cleaning.

The downside of getting so much done at work today (and having the luncheon) is that I missed the first 20 minutes of the England/Algeria game. Also, I couldn't watch Germany play this morning, or the reportedly crazy US/Serbia game. Disappointment.

You guys, I am a ridiculous fĂștbol fanatic when the World Cup rolls around. Like, to the point that when B. kept talking about the game last night I was confused and thought, "The games already ended today...." He meant basketball. You know, that other sport that has been capturing the imagination of folks in the US this month?

Yeah, I'd forgotten about it, too.

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention, one of the girls that completed the same Master's program that B. and I did sent an email last night about her studies at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She's a really amazing person, and crazy artistic, and she's started a blog detailing her studies and what she's doing as far as fashion. Anyway, y'all should check it out: Sarah Fujimoto


  1. Oh you are beaming! hehe no doubt you needed and deserved this break! So sad that you are thinking about switching careers, wish you the best though and hope that you finally get to relax once everything is over. We kind of have a forced luncheon at the principal's house, he throws a party and wants all of us to go,but I never go =P hehehe cause I'm a party pooper especially on the last day of school the only thing I want to do is come home and relax. You look beautiful young lady =)

  2. You look so exuberant in these photos! I love this top! So pretty. :-)

  3. @ Modesty is Pretty - Yeah, I was pretty pumped on Friday. There's a lot I'll miss, and I don't think I'm going to say good bye to teaching forever, but a short break is in order. We'll see how it goes...

    @ Bianca - Thanks! It was a good day.

  4. You have such PRETTY hair! Wanna trade? ;-)

  5. Haha! Thanks! I'm glad I fell in love with my hair, because it really is easy to deal with when I treat it well.

  6. You have such PRETTY hair! Wanna trade? ;-)

  7. You look so exuberant in these photos! I love this top! So pretty. :-)


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