Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup inspiration: ¡México!

Could I start out by directing y'all to the Summer Black-Out Round-up? Look how pretty we all are?! Tons of inspiration and great use of colors and non-black neutrals!

Brown embroidered dress: Target (remixed?)
Green and silver chandelier earrings: gift from friend in Guatemala (remixed)
Red beaded bracelets: gifts (remixed)
Black flip flops: Rainbow (remixed)

Today's outfit is my subtle tribute to:

México. This is one of my top three teams and I am sitting here watching a tense game between México and Uruguay. I don't know why I'm tense, but I am. Both teams have been playing exceptionally well....

Anyway, I like to call this dress my Mexican grandmother dress because it's the kind of shape that my Puerto Rican grandmother wears, but in more earthy tones. Because it's really hard to wear red and green together without looking like a Christmas tree, I decided to make this dress the backdrop of my México look.

I was going to put on a different pair of green earrings, but these are much more Latin American. The stones are such a pretty green, and I absolutely love them because I got them from a friend when I was down in Guatemala. Good memories are tied up in these pretty earrings. Also, I put on some red lipstick because it reminds me of all the lovely actresses from the Mexican Cine de Oro.

The red bracelets finished off the look with an extra touch of red.

So I was dressing for two purposes today: 1, for México and 2, for comfort because I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed today. If you don't see a German inspired outfit tomorrow, that's why. Today, however, I'll be cheering on México.

Also, on a sadder note, why is France falling apart?! I loved y'all once....


  1. Thanks for following me and entering the giveaway of the J Crew bracelet. I am following you now :).

    I like the brown dress. I need one myself, and just haven't find the shade that I like.

  2. Take good care of yourself with the wisdom teeth pulling. It can be really hard but try to relax, sleep and use lots of ice for the swelling. I've been there.

  3. Pretty! I do wish you had gone for the white/orange/green that would have been epic.

  4. @ PetiteGorgeous: I love brown dresses. This one and my J Crew dress are my favorites.

    @ Destrehan's Daughter: Thanks! So far, so good. I think I made myself so nervous about it that the actual thing is not so bad. Hahaha

    @ Bianca: I think it will happen for their next game, I just need to really think through the outfit so I don't look like a little elf six months too early.


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