Sunday, June 13, 2010

In and out of my comfort zone

Denim dress: Ann Taylor (remixed)
Canvas and leather belt: Banana Republic (remixed)
Espadrille wedges: Soixante Neuf thrifted
Gold chandelier earrings: gift from sister-in-law, A.
Bangles: gift from my mom

Can y'all believe I didn't wear this dress last weekend?! Neither can I. I was absolutely in love with this outfit yesterday. I've decided I'd like to look like I'm on safari every day of my life, and this outfit made me feel like I was on safari with lovely, if inappropriate, footwear.

So, let's talk about these shoes because I can't get over how much I love them. B. and I went to the thrift store on Friday and I picked up a Tommy Bahama shirt for my dad because, yes, my dad wears way too many Hawaiian print shirts for not being Hawaiian. While we were paying for his shirt, I spotted these wedges in a size 37 which is almost my size. So I tried them on. They are buttery soft, soles made of leather, and $16. Now, I don't know about y'all, but $16 at a thrift store is a bit much for me. But B. reminded me that I've been looking for espadrilles and that these were really cute.
Then we saw the label on the sole: $158. I'm terrible at math, but even I can figure out that that's about 90% off, so I went ahead and got them.

These shoes are a DREAM, though. Yes, the heels are insanely high, but those leather soles make all the difference: they're flexible and shock absorbent and comfortable. I may have walked through our community garden in these shoes, that's how easy it is to walk in them. B. thought I should lace them up my legs, but I didn't do it because these shoes are too high and the laces up the legs would've pushed it into "too-sexy" territory.

Forgive me the armpit shot, but get a load of these earrings! B.'s sister A. sent these (and another pair) for my birthday. They are just GORGEOUS. She totally got my style with the earrings she sent, and I'm excited to wear the other pair soon, too.

Now, on to today!

Vintage floral dress: Karin Stevens Petites thrifted
Zebra print belt: Target (remixed)
Studded yellow gladiators: Chinese Laundry (remixed)
Medallion earrings: Target (remixed)
Snakeskin wooden bangle: gift from my mom

This outfit was so far outside my comfort zone and I'm still not sure what I think about it. I feel like I take a lot of outfit risks at church, just because I don't feel like folks aren't really paying attention to what I wear there. Today's outfit was quite a risk - definitely not something I would've worn before I started reading style blogs.

I put this dress on and then looked at myself in the mirror and asked B. if it wasn't too Little House on the Prairie. He said no, but I wasn't convinced, so I took off my trusty black belt and put on this zebra print one instead. Then I told him, "Don't say anything about the zebra belt; it's awesome." I'm still not convinced of that, but I said it with lots of confidence.

To further mitigate the "Little House on the Prairie" factor, I slipped on these studded sandals. Not too matchy-matchy and certainly not prissy.

Throw on the snakeskin bangle and the medallion earrings, and it's like a whole different look. Right? Maybe? Meh....

So here's the breakdown: I got this dress for $1 at the thrift store and I've put it on and taken it off a gazillion times since I got it, but it's never gone out of the house. Part of that is that it feels like it's adorable for someone with more of a romantic style, and I think I'm a bit more - safari? minimalist? I don't know, but less floral from head to toe. That part I'm pretty sure of.

I'm not ready to give up on this dress, yet though. I still love the buttons up the back and the softness of the material. And wouldn't it be adorable with my cowboy boots and a denim jacket? I could see this worn as a skirt, too, you know, when it's not 90+ degrees out.

At least I'm still in love with Saturday's look:

P.S. It may have taken me about two hours to write this post because the Germany / Australia game is on and I am busy telling Germany to make more goals. Deutschland!


  1. Yeah bargain thrift! Yeah iPod touch! Yeah sexy wife with sexy shoes!

  2. Ooops, just posted as Frances by accident on the Ipod... It's new, I'm not good with this new-fangled technology.

  3. haha @ ben. : )
    i really can't decide about the little house on the prairie factor. you certainly took it into new territory by adding animal prints. i think i'm imagining playing up the laura ingalls wilder look by adding a cardigan and pearls and mary janes. too much of a theme then? plus a cardigan is not practical in this weather but maybe when it's colder. however it is a cute dress that also makes me raise an eyebrow. i'm with you on the undecidedness.

  4. I don't own Mary Janes. I don't know why, but I don't. What I'm saying is, I can't take it there with the Little House on the Prairie. Also, I don't think taking it there would make me feel more comfortable with it. \Part of me wants to create more of a boatneck by just hacking off part of the current neckline.
    Then I'd also take a pair of scissors and slice off about three inches from the hem so it'd come to my knees instead of mid-calf.
    *sigh* I don't know what to do.


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