Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm back from Atlanta and I'm just getting settled in. I still haven't uploaded my pictures yet, so I'll have to wait to show how I used these items on my trip, but I figured I could do a packing post today before catching up and going on to regularly scheduled outfit posting.

So I knew that B. and I were going to be in Atlanta for about five days, and I knew that there would be a picnic and some swimming, but I had no idea what we'd do the rest of our time there. I never know what to expect when I get together with my girls, but I know it's guaranteed to be a good time. This uncertainty about ATL events is partly to blame for my compulsive over packing. The other part of it is my own compulsive over packing gene - I swear that exists. Anyway, I like to think I'm getting way better with the over packing, but I'm still trying to pare down my packing list...

This is what I pulled out Thursday as I was packing, and I ended up wearing the jeans and the white tank, so they weren't in my suitcase. I figured that dresses would be best for the 90 degree weather, so I packed plenty of them, and I threw in a skirt that can be easily dressed up for a night out.

I brought four pairs of shoes, five if you count the other pair of sandals I wore on the plane. This is always the hardest thing for me, leaving my shoes behind. I almost threw in another pair of heels, but I figured these red wedges would work for any situation that called for a heel.

So here's my suitcase after the first stage of packing, before I threw in my shoes and all that extra stuff. I added a sarong, my jammers (pajamas), leggings, and a clutch.
Clearly, I subscribe to the rolling method of packing. My daddy was in the Army for nearly thirty years, so we moved often and I have definitely been infected by the travel bug, so I feel like I am forever packing. Rolling allows me to fit more things in my suitcase and to keep the wrinkling to a minimum since I pretty much never iron. I hate ironing.

This is stage two of packing. Now I've got my shoes, my jewelry, toiletries, swim suit, and a blanket. I knew I would be sleeping on the floor at least one night, so I needed some "bedding" that wouldn't take up too much space.

In the end, I wore four of the five dresses, both of the tanks, the jeans, three pairs of shoes, two of three belts, and my swimsuit. Could I have left a few things at home, of course. But I'm glad I had the variety available just in case.

B. and I have a few more trips planned between now and November, so we'll see if I can get this pared down further for the next one.


  1. I'm glad you are back! You did very good at packing, did I tell you already that I pack very few things just because I don't like waiting in line for the luggage at the airport? I hate that! I have no patience whatsoever, so I always try to pack very few things, I think you did an awesome job packing, 5 pairs of shoes is an excellent number =) can't wait to see your trip pictures!

  2. Thanks! I've really enjoyed doing the carry-on thing the past few times I've flown just because it's so much EASIER. No checking in, no waiting at baggage claim, no lost luggage.... It's definitely easier to do in the summer, though.


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