Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Update

Alright, y'all, I'm going to go ahead and call this the weekend of outfit changes.
First up: Saturday night:

Brown strapless dress: J Crew
Leopard print peep toes: Sam & Libby via DSW
Necklace: borrowed from my mom
Ball earrings: Banana Republic
Red beaded cuff: Banana Republic

This is what I wore to my 10 year high school reunion. I went to two high schools, one in Heidelberg, Germany for freshmen through junior year and then one in VA for my senior year. This was for the school in Germany. It was as awkward and as interesting as I expected. Plus, they showed the Cotto fight. I like boxing AND fashion; it's crazy, I know.

Anyway, my thoughts after the reunion?
Dear High School,
It was good, but it's over.
PS Ben says, "Word."

That said, it was good to see some folks again.

On to Sunday morning:

Straight leg jeans: Banana Republic
White ruffle blouse: Banana Republic
Beige ruffle cardi: Ann Taylor, borrowed from my mom and remixed.
Floral wedges: Restricted via DSW (remixed)
Silver hoops: gift from my mom
Stone bracelet: gift from my mom

Y'all - I wore jeans. To church. I'm shocked. But I packed few things for this weekend, and I'd just gotten these jeans and this blouse, so I went with it.

I actually liked the outfit, too! And, the jeans were COMFORTABLE!

My mom gave me piles of jewelry for my birthday.

I love the ruffles together.

I changed into this for the drive home:

Same jeans and jewelry
Green tank: Banana Republic
Cream hooded cardi: American Eagle
Yellow studded gladiators: Chinese Laundry (remixed)

I love this top.

Alright, now to figure out how to not wear black this coming week...



  1. Love all the outfits, and I watch some boxing with my hubby, but sometimes I don't pay enough attention. When we were watching the Mayweather fight, I kept thinking they were promoting a fight between Cotto and George Foreman's son LOL. My hubby had to explain there are two Foremans, and the one Cotto was fighting didn't have anything to do with George. :-)

  2. Thanks! I will admit that I had never heard of Yuri Foreman before this fight - George Foreman is my first Foreman reference.
    Cotto, however, I know.


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