Friday, June 4, 2010

You've Got This Week Day 4: Scarves, neutrals, florals, wedges, and my birthday

Grey tee: New York & Co.
Khaki skirt: Ann Taylor (remixed)
Yellow floral infinity scarf: J Crew (remixed)
Floral wedges: Restricted via DSW
Denim belt: came with a skirt from Banana Republic
Elephant earrings: Kohl's (remixed)
Plastic bangle: H&M
Orange sunnies: Target

It's my birthday! I'm twenty-eight today, which doesn't feel as exciting as twenty-seven. Twenty-seven felt like official adulthood; twenty-eight feels like another day.

On the upside, my students were adorable. My third period brought me a cake and sang (badly) to me. My eighth and sixth periods also sang to me - eighth period was especially loud and enthusiastic. I also got a gift from a student - a candle and a picture "so you won't forget me, Miss." The card was addressed to "mi maestra favorita" (my favorite teacher).

The problem with having You've Got This Week coincide with my birthday is that I was forced to cheat. These shoes are me cheating. They're part of my birthday present from B. How FABULOUS are these shoes?! They're crazy high wedges, but still comfortable, and they have these funky buckles on the front and the side and they look like a jungle.

My students liked them, too.

So, back to the trends. I'm pretty excited about the neutrals trend, mostly because I have long been a fan of "colors that aren't really colors" - you know, neutrals. I also like the idea of grey and khaki together - it looks fresh but not too wild. I remember seeing a girl wearing this color combination in high school and thinking that I loved it, and I've been rocking it since. Now, it just so happens that neutrals, particularly khaki, are in.

I funked up my outfit a bit with the infinity scarf. I love this floral against the crazy jungle floral on my shoes. Subtle pattern mixing. My mom told me something yesterday about how floral shirt + floral skirt = a disastrous garden, but I like to think that a floral scarf + floral shoes = a lovely bouquet.

We drove down to VA after work, and it's steamy, so I changed into this little number for our trip down:

Orange jersey dress: H&M (about four years ago)
Brown cami: Petite Sophisticate
Yellow studded gladiators: Chinese Laundry (remixed)
Turquoise and silver bracelet: Chaps (remixed to death)

It's simple, comfy, and cool.

Overall, it's been a good birthday.

Oh, and if things look crazy and there are no links were there should be, it's because I can't figure out my mom's computer and mine is back in Philly. Oh well....


  1. Hi, fellow teacher!!!

    I teach 2nd grade and came across your blog via ModestyIsPretty!!

    You look really great!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love how you used so many trendy things in this look. It's ok to cheat it's your birthday :)

    Thanks for being part of my first theme week!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    @ She Spys: I enjoyed this theme week! It was a good challenge for me.

  4. Wow, I love this outfit!~

    The grey is so pretty and love it with tan and yellow. Beautiful.

  5. Thanks! I was totally digging the color combination.

  6. Wow, I love this outfit!~

    The grey is so pretty and love it with tan and yellow. Beautiful.


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