Thursday, June 3, 2010

You've Got This Week - Day 3 - Maxi Skirt and Gladiators

Brown tank: Target
Cream cardigan: Gap (remixed?)
Brown and green wrap skirt: stolen from the clothes my sister left behind when she moved to LA; purchased in Ghana
Gladiators: Nine West
Green bracelets: gift from my mom
Beaded earrings: Target (remixed)

It's day 3 of You've Got This Week, and I'm feeling more successful. I decided that I should look at my closet, find those things that I've had forever and that still feel current, and just put them on.

The first item was this pair of gladiator sandals that actually needed repair before I wore them. One of the jewel type things on the right sandal broke last summer, but I knew I could salvage these. Also, I am really THAT ATTACHED to these sandals.

I've had these forever. By forever, I mean four or five years. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm breaking the school dress code with these. Overly casual sandals? Perhaps.

I tried to take the focus off my feet by wearing a longish skirt.

My sister got this skirt when she went on a missions trip to Ghana. She needed a skirt to go visit a village, so it was an emergency purchase, and she wasn't attached to it. She left it behind when she moved to LA and I scooped it up. Come on now, was I supposed to let this beauty disappear?! Also, did you know maxi skirts are back (supposedly because of the economy)?

From there, it was easy. Brown tank. Green bracelets. Beaded earrings. A cardigan for work appropriateness.

My favorite accessory, however, is definitely Kiku.

Alright, B. is taking me shoe shopping for my birthday (it's tomorrow!), so we're off. And tomorrow is guaranteed to be fun times: a half day of work, a trip to VA, dinner with my family. LOVE!

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