Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I'm back from Atlanta and I'm just getting settled in. I still haven't uploaded my pictures yet, so I'll have to wait to show how I used these items on my trip, but I figured I could do a packing post today before catching up and going on to regularly scheduled outfit posting.

So I knew that B. and I were going to be in Atlanta for about five days, and I knew that there would be a picnic and some swimming, but I had no idea what we'd do the rest of our time there. I never know what to expect when I get together with my girls, but I know it's guaranteed to be a good time. This uncertainty about ATL events is partly to blame for my compulsive over packing. The other part of it is my own compulsive over packing gene - I swear that exists. Anyway, I like to think I'm getting way better with the over packing, but I'm still trying to pare down my packing list...

This is what I pulled out Thursday as I was packing, and I ended up wearing the jeans and the white tank, so they weren't in my suitcase. I figured that dresses would be best for the 90 degree weather, so I packed plenty of them, and I threw in a skirt that can be easily dressed up for a night out.

I brought four pairs of shoes, five if you count the other pair of sandals I wore on the plane. This is always the hardest thing for me, leaving my shoes behind. I almost threw in another pair of heels, but I figured these red wedges would work for any situation that called for a heel.

So here's my suitcase after the first stage of packing, before I threw in my shoes and all that extra stuff. I added a sarong, my jammers (pajamas), leggings, and a clutch.
Clearly, I subscribe to the rolling method of packing. My daddy was in the Army for nearly thirty years, so we moved often and I have definitely been infected by the travel bug, so I feel like I am forever packing. Rolling allows me to fit more things in my suitcase and to keep the wrinkling to a minimum since I pretty much never iron. I hate ironing.

This is stage two of packing. Now I've got my shoes, my jewelry, toiletries, swim suit, and a blanket. I knew I would be sleeping on the floor at least one night, so I needed some "bedding" that wouldn't take up too much space.

In the end, I wore four of the five dresses, both of the tanks, the jeans, three pairs of shoes, two of three belts, and my swimsuit. Could I have left a few things at home, of course. But I'm glad I had the variety available just in case.

B. and I have a few more trips planned between now and November, so we'll see if I can get this pared down further for the next one.

Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup inspiration: Brasil!

Yellow dress: New York & Co.
Green plastic flip flops: Target
Blue and silver earrings: New York & Co. (remixed)
Brazilian flag: too much fun with Picnik

This is a big game, y'all. Not because either Brazil or Portugal need to win to make it to the Round of 16, but because these are two really good teams. I might not have fingernails by the end of it.

Anyway, the outfit is super simple: just three pieces, but since it's still over 90 degrees here, that's what I'm going for.

I don't generally wear plastic flip flops, but I found these in my closet while I was looking for my other green flip flops, and I figured, "Hey, I need to do my toes and these are pretty much disposable," so I put these on instead.

This outfit feels way more flag inspired than my last tribute to Brazil, and I kind of like that, but it is crazy bright. My mom hates this dress. She says it looks like una batita - a nightgown or a muumuu. I still love it, though, especially for crazy hot days like today.

These earrings have gotten a lot of use this past week, especially considering I've had them since this fall and I didn't pull them out until last Sunday. No joke. But they've grown on me, and I like them for summer, all bright and lightweight.

So B. and I are going to Atlanta tonight and returning Tuesday, and I don't think I'll be able to post much while we're down there visiting friends and hanging out with other Mission Year folks, but I promise to return with outfit photos and a packing post.

I confess: I am a terrible over-packer, mostly because I think I'm going to want options and what if I need two evening outfits and what if something goes terribly wrong and I need to change three times in one day? And then I get to wherever I'm going and I wear the same three things for two weeks. But I can always manage to pack for four to five days with nothing but a carry-on. (Just because you can fit it all in a carry-on doesn't mean you didn't over pack.)

In the meantime: here's a sneak peek at what's going with me:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

World Cup inspiration: Paraguay (and still celebrating that US victory yesterday!)

Let me start by giving shout outs to E. of academichic and Fer of Moda Fora de Moda for their World Cup inspired outfits yesterday. Good to know I'm not alone in the football obsession.

Today's inspiration:

Image source

Denim dress: Ann Taylor (remixed to death)
White woven belt: gift from my mom
Red bracelets: gifts (remixed)
Red seahorse flip flops: Gap (remixed)
Silver hoops: gift from my mom (remixed)

Today's outfit is both in support of Paraguay, the current Group F leader, and in celebration of the US team's AMAZING win yesterday. That was one of those moments that reminds me why I love football: because beauty like that happens in injury time and changes everything. I will confess that I may have teared up. Especially when Univisión showed a commercial showing all these Latinos celebrating their home team and then saying that the US team is everyone's team. Tears. I'm a baby like that.

Today's outfit had to be simple, red, white, and blue; and cool because it's about 95 degrees Fahrenheit and we don't have AC. My easy denim dress was a natural choice. I kept everything else simple: white belt, ubiquitous beaded bracelets, and red flip flops. And Kiku. Because she has to be wherever I am.

I have to say I love this look. This dress might just be the best purchase I've made in a while, and I love the easy combination of pieces. It's just right for a super steamy day.

On a different note...

This is how I watch simultaneous games, y'all: Univision.com on the computer and Univisión on tv; I don't understand football in English, isn't that weird?

I'm going to go ahead and say it: I think this Cup is going to the Americas, South America to be specific. I'm pretty pumped to see Latin America so well represented and that the US has held its own (and has a pretty easy set of matches ahead).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

World Cup inspiration: Deutschland!

Today is a big football day for me: US vs. Algeria, England vs. Slovenia, Germany vs. Ghana, and Serbia vs. Australia.

I'm supporting Germany today, inspired by the super classy German uniforms:

(image courtesy of World Cup Buzz.)
as well as the German flag:

White men's undershirt: Target (the DIY neckline and hem are all me)
Black ankle zip leggings: H&M
White cami: Target (remixed)
Yellow flowered infinity scarf: J Crew (remixed)
Red seahorse flip flops: Gap (remixed)
Ball earrings: Banana Republic (remixed)
Red beaded bracelets: gifts (remixed)

This outfit is so not what I usually wear, but I have a big day of laundry, football and beginning sewing projects ahead of me, so I figured the leggings were okay since I'm not actually planning to leave the house.

I love cutting the necklines out of men's undershirts and wearing them myself. Usually I wear them for working out or sleeping, but I thought it'd be perfect for my tribute to Germany, so I wore this one today (I even did my little DIY number on it this morning).

I especially love how it turned out in the back.

I like to think that the scarf dresses it up considerably - my tribute to the gold stripe in the flag.

Also, can I just say that I love these earrings? I chose them because they've got a reddish tint to echo the red in the German flag.

So why am I dressing up for Germany on a day when the US is playing? Because this is where I went to high school:

Image courtesy of Cometogermany.com

That's Heidelberg, Germany, a gorgeous city in the Rhine-Neckar region, and it's where I feel like I grew up. I moved there when I was nearly 14 and moved back to the States when I was 17, which is pretty much the ideal time to be a kid from the US living in Europe: you're old enough to really enjoy it, both the day to day and the historic significance. I had my junior prom in the castle on the hill, learned to appreciate public transportation, learned a third language, discovered H&M and Ikea before they came to the States, and traveled throughout Europe. Good times, kids.
And because I have such good memories of my time in Germany, I have this crazy affinity for their national soccer team. So come on, Deutschland! Let's get it done this afternoon!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup inspiration: ¡México!

Could I start out by directing y'all to the Summer Black-Out Round-up? Look how pretty we all are?! Tons of inspiration and great use of colors and non-black neutrals!

Brown embroidered dress: Target (remixed?)
Green and silver chandelier earrings: gift from friend in Guatemala (remixed)
Red beaded bracelets: gifts (remixed)
Black flip flops: Rainbow (remixed)

Today's outfit is my subtle tribute to:

México. This is one of my top three teams and I am sitting here watching a tense game between México and Uruguay. I don't know why I'm tense, but I am. Both teams have been playing exceptionally well....

Anyway, I like to call this dress my Mexican grandmother dress because it's the kind of shape that my Puerto Rican grandmother wears, but in more earthy tones. Because it's really hard to wear red and green together without looking like a Christmas tree, I decided to make this dress the backdrop of my México look.

I was going to put on a different pair of green earrings, but these are much more Latin American. The stones are such a pretty green, and I absolutely love them because I got them from a friend when I was down in Guatemala. Good memories are tied up in these pretty earrings. Also, I put on some red lipstick because it reminds me of all the lovely actresses from the Mexican Cine de Oro.

The red bracelets finished off the look with an extra touch of red.

So I was dressing for two purposes today: 1, for México and 2, for comfort because I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed today. If you don't see a German inspired outfit tomorrow, that's why. Today, however, I'll be cheering on México.

Also, on a sadder note, why is France falling apart?! I loved y'all once....

Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup inspiration: Honduras

This is today's inspiration:

The Honduran flag for the game between European champion Spain and Honduras. I make it a rule to cheer for Latin American teams, but even if I didn't, I love a good underdog story, so if I don't have an actual favorite, I cheer for the underdogs.

But enough about my questionable fandom, on to the outfit:

White cami: Target
Blue tee: Old Navy
Straight leg jeans: Banana Republic (remixed)
Black flip flops: Rainbow (remixed)
Blue and white striped ribbon: from another shirt
Blue and silver earrings: New York & Co. (remixed)

I spent today entering a gazillion comments for my students and cleaning out my desk, so if I look a bit disheveled it's because I was crawling around on the floor trying to put all the new supplies for the new Spanish 2 teacher in my bottom desk drawer.

My original plan was to dress for Chile, but I figured they'd rock it against Switzerland. Also, my white tees are in the wash. Honduras was an easy choice. I like the tonal look of this outfit: all that blue with the strips of white. It's easy for a super hot day in Philly.

I'm always iffy about putting a blue shirt with jeans - too much blue - so it was important to me that the cami be long enough to peek out from under the tee just to break up the line of blue a bit. Can I just say that this might be the first time I've ever worn this shirt right side out? Usually I put the scoop neck in the back for added coverage up front.

I finished the whole thing off with the same blue and silver earrings from yesterday and a ribbon in my hair. The ribbon started out on my wrist, but as my hair escaped the twists I pulled it back with, I figured the ribbon could keep it out of my eyes and still look cute.

Today's World Cup inspired look was not quite as successful on the field as yesterday's but I guess that's just the way the game goes....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A wedding and drawing inspiration from the World Cup

Time for another weekend update:

Brown strapless dress: J Crew (remixed)
Green pendant: Banana Republic
Gold chandelier earrings: gift from sister-in-law (remixed)
Jungle wedges: Restricted (remixed)
Gold bangles: Banana Republic (remixed)
Orange sunnies: Target (remixed)
Gold leaf pins: Blume Bloom via Etsy (remixed)

B. and I went to our friends' A. and C.'s wedding yesterday. It was beautiful, and we had a lot of fun. I wore my special occasion dress: this go-to strapless number which doesn't make me feel naked, and is neither too dressy nor too casual. I got this dress for my own wedding rehearsal in December, and I've already been able to wear it at least a dozen times.

I love the way my earrings and my necklace play with each other. I'm a big fan of green and orange together, so here I am rocking that particular combo.

It was crazy hot and my hair was particularly wild, so I swept it back into this messy bun. I tried to dress it up a bit with the gold leaf bobbies. Not sure if I was totally successful, but I do like these. Perhaps they'd look better if my hair weren't so close to being the same color.

Congrats A and C!

Now, for today's outfit....

This was my inspiration for today:

Why, you ask? Well, because Brazil played Côte d'Ivoire today, of course!

Brown tank dress: Victoria's Secret
Green tank: Target (remixed)
Vintage blue belt: thrifted
Wooden beaded bracelet: gift from mom (remixed)
Blue and silver earrings: New York & Co.
Yellow studded gladiators: Chinese Laundry (remixed)

I don't know what's up with the color in these pictures, because I SWEAR that tank is green. I'm still wearing it and is pretty much the shade I remember as "Jungle Green" from my good old box of Crayolas.

My mom sent me this dress for my birthday last year and it's waaaay low cut, so I always wear it with a tank underneath. I think the brown of the dress tied all the bright colors together nicely, so I could feel like myself (in neutrals) while supporting Brazil.

These earrings, with their silvery streaks, remind me of the globe in the middle of the flag. I like to think of the silver as the stars.

I finished it all off with my trusty yellow gladiators. The light blue belt and Kiku are just bonuses.

My mom said that Brazil won today because of my outfit. I'm pretty sure she's right, although I am NOT taking credit for the crazy red card they gave Kaká (whaaa?!)

While Puerto Rico has a soccer team (the Puerto Rico Islanders, in existence since 2004), they are probably never going to be in the World Cup. We're more of a baseball nation, anyway.
When I got into soccer, I didn't really have a "home team" to root for, but Brazil and its "Joga Bonito" captured my attention. Besides, I've always enjoyed samba, wanted to learn Portuguese, and liked Brazilian food. Why not also cheer for their football team?

I'm also a big fan of Germany since I lived there when I was in high school, and I will support any and all Latin American teams, particularly México. So those are my three real teams for this World Cup. I know, the US isn't on that list. I'm weird like that; I'd hate to see the Cup go to a country that only cares about football every four years and even then only long enough to see what Landon Donovan does.

Anyway, it was kind of fun to dress up for the World Cup, and I suspect that I might do this a few more times this week (and beyond?). Tomorrow I'll be cheering for Portugal, Chile, and Honduras (my heart might be broken), and we'll see what kind of outfit I can put together to show my support....

Oh, and happy Fathers' Day! I was fortunate enough to spend it with my daddy. He came to visit us, and we enjoyed eating out and watching fútbol all weekend long.

I swear, he's as happy as I am. Hehehe ¡Te quiero mucho pa!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cheesin' and summer hair

Green cami: Banana Republic (remixed)
White cami: Target (remixed)
Big girl skinny jeans: Elle via Kohl's (remixed)
Studded yellow gladiators: Chinese Laundry (remixed)
Silver cuff: American Eagle (remixed)
Silver hoops: gift from mom (remixed)
Thumbs up: last day of school! Praise the LORD!

This school year is OVER! I mean, I have to go in Monday to do a tiny bit of work and some cleaning, but for the most part, I am DONE. Grades are in, desk is cleaned out, exams are graded, summer school lists are made, and I am finally done.

This is how I feel about it. I'm beaming! We had our end of year luncheon (Does anyone else's school do that? It's new to me...), and I got a little going away gift, since I will not be back to teach there next year. I mean, I'll be there as a sub till December, but then we're moving (more on that at another time). There are some things I'll miss, but it's been a brutal school year and I've come home crying about the state of education in the urban centers of the United States so many times, that I'm ready for a break. I love education, love teaching, but I've been drawn to other ways of working in this field for awhile, and I hope to be able to work in some different but related capacity sometime in the future.

On to lighter topics: This is what I call my "summer hair", not because I wear my hair like this all summer, but because it makes me think of perfect summer days. There's something wild and breezy about it, and I love it. I mean, I woke up with fabulous curls this morning!

All that to distract you from the fact that this is essentially what I wore yesterday in different colors: flowy sleeveless blouse, jeans, and sandals. I'll be honest, I was out till one last night celebrating some friends who are getting married tomorrow. I don't want to call it a "bachelorette party" because that has terrible connotations in my head, so I'll call it una despedida de soltera instead (literally "saying goodbye to the single life"). We went out for Indian at tiffin, then on to ice cream at the Franklin Fountain, and then on to C.'s house for gifts and hanging out. Y'all, I'm definitely getting old because I was EXHAUSTED this morning, though I wouldn't have missed last night's fun for the world. I didn't want to think about my clothes, so I didn't.

I think it turned out okay, and it served today's purposes: comfort and ease to finish grading and do some cleaning.

The downside of getting so much done at work today (and having the luncheon) is that I missed the first 20 minutes of the England/Algeria game. Also, I couldn't watch Germany play this morning, or the reportedly crazy US/Serbia game. Disappointment.

You guys, I am a ridiculous fútbol fanatic when the World Cup rolls around. Like, to the point that when B. kept talking about the game last night I was confused and thought, "The games already ended today...." He meant basketball. You know, that other sport that has been capturing the imagination of folks in the US this month?

Yeah, I'd forgotten about it, too.

Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention, one of the girls that completed the same Master's program that B. and I did sent an email last night about her studies at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She's a really amazing person, and crazy artistic, and she's started a blog detailing her studies and what she's doing as far as fashion. Anyway, y'all should check it out: Sarah Fujimoto