Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bright textures

All remixed except earrings
Dress: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Nine West
Earrings: gift from my mom

This is not what I originally planned to wear. I'd put on a skirt and a plaid top and then I heard the weather report and they said it was supposed to get up to the eighties, even though it looked like it was going to be cold and rainy, so I changed. I've got to take advantage of the heat while it's still around and wear some seriously summery pieces while it's still summer.

Today's outfit is super simple, but there's actually quite a bit of texture going on. The dress has ruffles and a circle pattern woven into it. My shoes have a little snakeskin going on. The earrings are lacy. Lots and lots of texture. Also, this is a bright look.

It felt pretty much perfect for a day of translations and errands. Also, I must confess that I bought a skirt and a dress when I went out for errands. In my defense, the dress was $4.96 and I can see it working for a lot of different occasions and for many seasons. The skirt is a piece that I've been searching for for a while and finally found. That said, I've got a lot of clothes to get rid of. Mostly pants. I really hate wearing pants, and there are way too many pairs of pants in my wardrobe doing nothing but taking up space.


  1. What a fun surprise with that pattern!
    P.S. I got the belt in Lares, it was a store with some dresses and leather goods. The belt is hand beaded and was only $20!

  2. The blue and yellow are a great color combo on you!

  3. @ Liz: Good to know. It's a KILLER belt, especially if it's only $20!

    @ Mamita: ¿No lo habías visto antes? Este traje es viejísimo.

    @ Ashley: Thanks! I'm a huge fan of these colors together.

  4. Frances! I've finally have time to catch up on my fave blogs,those colors look great together, so bright and cheery! The dress is beautiful!

  5. I just LOVE blue and yellow mixed together. and you look stunning in it :)


  6. That is a gorgeous dress. Color is perfect.
    You can wear it sooo many way!


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