Sunday, August 8, 2010


All remixed except top
Skirt: Target
Top: Target
Sandals: Chinese Laundry
Earrings: Target
Bracelet: Chaps - gift

This outfit is a little Target heavy - big surprise. I love Target. Love it! It's kind of ridiculous, the level of affection I feel for this store.

We had a meeting with some friends on Saturday - it ended up being dinner and a meeting which was nice. Ben is working with them on a consulting project, and I was there for the ride. They're the couple who did our marriage counseling and the wife was in grad school with us, so it was good to see them.

I always forget how much I like this top. It's kind of a henley but it's got a sweetheart neckline and those little puffy sleeves.... It's hard to see the details in this picture, but I really like it.

Now, for today...

All remixed:
Dress: Ann Taylor
Belt: Target
Sandals: Nine West
Earrings: gift from sister-in-law

Today was one of those days where I tried on a gazillion things and decided I hated them all. I was getting frustrated and feeling uninspired and thinking that nothing worked on my body and wishing I could roll up to church in something simple. And then I thought, "Why DON'T I roll up in something simple? Because of the blog? Stop being ridiculous and put some clothes on."

Denim dress to the rescue. But in the spirit of wearing things I haven't worn in a while, I pulled out these old gladiators.

Please ignore the fact that I desperately need a pedicure (even if it's just an at home pedi), and focus on the shoes. I've had these for years. So many years, that I've lost track. Also, the jewels on the right one actually came off and I had to sew them back on. Yes, I did that for these sandals. I love them that much.

I've got plans to do something with this dress again tomorrow - we'll see if they actually come to pass....


  1. I started crazy gluing my fav gladiator back together... I know how you feel :)

  2. Simple, but still lovely! I hate those days when nothing I put on feels right. Sometimes I giveup and just settle. Then at the end of the day I'll suddenly figure out what is missing/wrong (and sometimes fix it and take blog photos again ;)

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. I'm in love with Target too...
    Totally know how you feel about nothing you put on working out! I hate that! You look gorgeous nonetheless :)

  4. I love the pop of yellow in the first outfit (and the skirt!) and the denim dress in the second is beautiful!

    I'm also in love with Target. Who isn't?! It's fabulous, there's no reason to not love it.

    I've done the same thing in trying to pick out clothes, even on days when I know I'm not going to take pictures. Isn't that awful? Such is the life of a style blogger. I think sometimes we do need to just get over it and put some clothes on! :)

  5. Thanks y'all! I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in the clothing frustration, gladiator fixing, and Target lovin'. ;)

  6. love the denim dress, very cute!


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