Monday, August 2, 2010

Lessons and my Top Ten

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So, looking back on the 30x30, it turns out it wasn't as difficult as I'd originally imagined. Yes, I had a few days when I hated all the pieces, but overall, it was pretty positive. I was amazed by the number of outfits I was able to construct and by the different combinations I tried.

I feel like I can still do a lot with the pieces, and I think I might try, but it's nice to "shop my closet".

If I could sum the whole thing up in a nice list of bullet points, it'd look a little something like this:

  • I love that patterned skirt from Target more than I ever thought possible. It's way more versatile than I originally imagined and it's one of the pieces I kept going back to. Who knew?!
  • Accessories are key - sometimes all you need is a different belt and you have a completely different outfit. Isn't it amazing how the little things can totally change the mood and the "register" of the outfit?

  • I don't like pants. This is not news, but I still included four pairs - two pairs of jeans, a pair of cropped pants, and a pair of leggings. One pair of jeans would've been fine, and then I could've thrown in another skirt.

  • Dresses feel like cheating - but I just can't stay away! And I discovered they work quite well as tops. In fact, I wore dresses as tops three times during the challenge, with mixed reactions from my husband.

  • Shoes are my weakness. More than my summer dresses or my skirts or my tops, I missed my shoes. Next time around, I'd throw out a top and add a pair of shoes.

  • I wish I'd added one additional woven shirt. No real reason other than they're pretty and professional - I ended up needing more professional looks than I'd anticipated.

  • This would probably be more challenging in the winter or the fall, but it'd be more "remix-y" then, too. Layering definitely ups the creativity quotient whereas heatwaves mean all I want is a dress and bare feet.

  • I'll be able to survive a wardrobe that fits in a single suitcase. A big reason for me to take on this challenge was because I knew that B. and I have a big move coming up and we'll only be able to take what fits in our suitcases. In other words, I need to downsize. And the thought totally scared me, because what if I ended up wandering the rain forest in my pajamas because I couldn't find anything to wear? The thing is, I realized I probably won't get to that. I can make things work, and make them look good, even if I only have 50 pounds of items to my name.

And now, here's a look at my Top Ten 30x30 looks (click to enlarge):


  1. I visted your blog and kissed your post,,now you turn..give a better kiss(haha)

  2. Girl I am so jealous!!! I can't wait to be done and just shop my own closet! I don't even want to buy new things just my old things!!!

  3. Hahaha! It does give you a new appreciation for what you already have. Hope the rest of your remixing goes well!

  4. Hey, your post went up at 11:11 -- can I wish on that?

    Glad to hear the 30 for 30 was such a positive experience, and you really got to see how much you could get out of your limited wardrobe.

  5. that's the kind of challenge I'd really like to try someday, but judging from the outside, it looks like it'll work better when it's warmer (especially because the weather changes a lot during winter where I live).

    um beijo!

  6. Fabulous! You did great Frances, I'm proud of you! That pattern skirt is one of my favorites too, the colors are so great!

  7. You really did a phenomenal job with the challenge and your remixes. You should be proud of yourself! It's been great to read your posts every day too, you've been very inspiring.

    Good job!!!

  8. Thanks so much, ladies! I'm thinking I might have to try this again in the fall, and it's REALLY going to help me pack light for our vacation in September. Hahaha

  9. It's definitely hard to downsize but once you do you realize how much you can work with it! I think you did a fab job with the 30x30.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  10. out of your top ten, #28 is my fave!! i adore that blue top!!
    - jessica

  11. congratulations on finishing!i've got 5 more to go:))

  12. Wow- I just stumbled upon your blog & I've got to say, the challenge you just finished sounds so inspiring. It's EXACTLY the kind of thing I write and think about all the time- restyling creatively! It looks like you pulled it off amazingly well (YES to dresses as tops! They work as skirts & scarves too ;). Congrats & keep doing your thing!


  13. Btw, I would love to interview you about your experience sometime in the near future, if you'd be up for that! If not, I may just link to this post :)

  14. @ Tessa: How had I never stumbled across your blog before?! I would love to do an interview! Just let me know the details.

  15. Frances- do you have an email where I can get in touch? (Mine is my name @ gmail dot com!) Thanks!!

  16. congratulations on finishing!i've got 5 more to go:))

  17. I visted your blog and kissed your post,,now you turn..give a better kiss(haha)


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