Thursday, August 26, 2010

Leopard + Pockets = Love

All remixed except skirt
Top: Express
Skirt: Target
Bracelet: gift from uncle
Necklace: gift from mom
Shoes: gift from parents
Earrings: Target
Hair pin: BlumeBloom via Etsy

This is one of my purchases from yesterday. I washed it last night just so I could wear it today. In Spanish, we call this estrenando - I believe the fashion blog term is "debuting". The difference is that you'd actually use "estrenar" in a normal conversation, whereas "debut" sounds a little weird when you're talking about clothes.

And if you're Puerto Rican, when you're estrenando, someone might tease you and say something like, "¡Qué fiebre!" which basically means that you're so stinkin' excited about your new clothes that you don't even have the decency to wait a couple days before trotting them out.

So, yes, there's a little fiebre going on here, but y'all just don't know how long I've been searching for a leopard print skirt that was in my size and not very expensive. I thought about wearing this skirt with teal or green or red, but when I tried it on yesterday, I was wearing a black cami, and I loved the simplicity of the look. It let the skirt take center stage, so I stuck to it. Besides, I get to keep this forever - I can wear as many things as I want with it at later dates.

Oh, and this sassy little skirt has pockets. Pockets! And leopard! I might move in, y'all. You can just forward my mail to my leopard print skirt.


  1. I love your skirt! This was totally worht buying! Great purchase! In Mexico when you are estrenando new shoes people step on your toes as they say "remojo" hehehe a bit cruel but funny=D

  2. Nice! We need to go shopping before you leave.

  3. Love it!
    Love pockets in skirts
    Love animal prints with red
    Love your hair up like that!

  4. This is such a great look! I'm looking forward to seeing this skirt in many more post since you could probably style it with EVERYTHING :) I love pieces that have more bang for their buck...

  5. Oh the skirt is cute!! I adore B&W together. My whole wedding was B&W. It always looks classy.

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  6. I've been debating buying that same skirt for I've got to go. Thanks a lot!!

  7. Cute skirt, I heart Target!!!! Have a fab weekend:)

  8. i like your hair as much as your skirt! :) beautiful!
    - jessica

  9. I'm loving the leopard print skirt! It is on my wishlist of things I want!!! I guess I'll make do in the meantime with my leopard print flats, lol.

  10. your outfit is really well composed

  11. Thanks y'all!
    @ Mamita: Vamos. Next time I go down to VA, we'll go. ;)
    @ Brittany: I didn't debate. It was the first time I'd seen it there, and I went for it. ;)
    @ Bianca and Jessica: I might do a hair tutorial with this look since it's insanely easy and looks kinda fancy.

  12. Oh my gosh, I would totally move in too. And I'm just like that with new clothes, I can't wait to wear them! I don't understand how some people can have new things sit in their closets for months at a time.

    You look absolutely incredible in that skirt! The pop of red is so perfect and I love the simplicity with the black top. It'll definitely be great with other colors in the future too!

  13. Love your new skirt! Patience pays off when you have something specific in mind.

  14. That is an awesome skirt. It's leopard but, it is different, totally love how you styled it, it's simple and put together.

  15. love your outfit (actually I have been reading some of your old posts and I love all of them) you have great style :)

  16. love your outfit (actually I have been reading some of your old posts and I love all of them) you have great style :)

  17. Nice! We need to go shopping before you leave.


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