Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jackie O. on safari and a video (!)

All remixed except dress
Dress: Jomar
Wedges: Restricted via DSW
Bracelet: Banana Republic
Earrings: Guatemala

So this past weekend, B. and I went on a fabric buying expedition to feed my sewing dreams. We went to Jomar, which is, like, the fabric emporium around here and were distracted by $10 dresses of varying quality. B. picked out this dress, and I picked out another which will probably come out later this week. Oh, and I got fabric, too. We weren't totally distracted.

I'm really digging the Jackie O vibe of this dress and the fact that it's got pockets. It's a nice, cool cotton/linen blend and I feel wonderful in it, even if it doesn't photograph terribly well. Believe me, it's prettier in person.

I thought these funky wedges would be just the pop of color I'd need with a brown dress. These wedges make me happy with their crazy print and those little wooden rings on the front.

Finally, to keep the "Jackie O. goes on safari in inappropriate shoes" vibe I was going for, I wore this beaded cuff and my quetzal earrings from Guatemala. The woman I'm sharing an office with at my volunteer site told me that she appreciates the fact that I dress up to volunteer. It kind of made my (busy) day.

And now, without further ado, is my attempt at a video. Seven facts in seven minutes. I talk too much; I attribute that to the nervousness. Also, my posture is atrocious. Enjoy!


  1. frances, LOL! your video was adorable! i love that you repeated number 4 twice and that ben added canada to his list of countries visited. hahahahaha. question: do you have to give yourself a pep talk before you talk with your aunts? just curious...since you said you talk on the phone with them for hours. maybe they get special treatment. ;)
    - jessica

  2. Your video is too cute, I totally couldn't do that...

  3. Hey you were great!! I expect more now, lol! I love the jackie'o look very chic. I cant believe you watch foreign soap operas, thats so funny. How come you dont like english ones though? I hate phoning companies its so nerve racking!! lol! How stupid are we! Daisy Dayz Home

  4. Super dress. Great video. I liked that your husband was able to get a word in, sotto voce.

  5. Hello! First, I love your dress, it looks so much like me!
    Second, The video... it was a lot fun watching it, I have to show your dad!
    Third, 4 + 1 = 5!
    Love you!

  6. I can't watch the video because I'm at work right now, but you look AWESOME! It is very Jackie O., I love it! Those wedges are absolutely perfect with that dress.

    And yay pockets! :)

  7. Your video is awesome Frances! I had a great time watching your video! =D You are so pretty and watching novelas eh? hehehe that made me smile (I don't watch them) =D and remeber, uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco,okey? hehehe
    I hate talking on the phone too!

  8. I love that dress and those fun wedges

  9. @ Jess: My family gets special treatment. So do Too Tall and BK. I talk to them often enough that it's not too taxing.

    @ Chantele: The soaps here in the States go on forever. I mean, there are some that have been going since the radio days, I believe. I like that the Spanish/Brazilian/Korean ones are more like miniseries. I can watch it for a time, but I won't be sucked into them for the REST OF MY LIFE.

    @ NellJean: He's pretty great. And he was right, I'd totally missed his Canadian adventures. Hahaha

    @ Mami: ¡No me vayas a robar este trajecito! ;) Just kidding. Yo te lo regalo si te queda. O te compro uno.

    @ Shey: Everyone in my family makes fun of me because when I really have to keep track of counting out loud, I get lost. I can do math, but for some reason, keeping track of numbers is not my forte. Jejeje

  10. I love those shoes and your video is cute! I also hate talking on the phone. Too much time spent telemarketing at one of my jobs.


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